Why do parents always look for something that the child has done wrong?


Parents are just very curious about their children and only do it because they love you. They just want the best for you!

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Parenting For Everyone is a book by Simon Soloveychik.

"Not many of us can love children, even our own children. Not many of us are wise enough to control our own behavior. Not many of us can avoid anger and be in command of ourselves. In most cases we are tired and irritated. But children soften our hearts – by their existence, by their laughing and pranks. We just have to be brave. We must not fear kindness in our hearts or be afraid of “what if something wrong happens!” We cannot become better than we are; we cannot become stronger than we are; we cannot love more than we do; we cannot change our will or character, but we can change our vision of a child, our imagination about him, the image of a Child, and we can gradually form another, new, better attitude toward him. Here is my chance. This is the only chance for a weak, incapable, and imperfect parent."

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