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"Our House" is a single by English ska/pop band Madness, from their UK album The Rise & Fall and their US compilation Madness.

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Madness is a self-titled compilation album by the British ska/pop band Madness. It was released exclusively in the United States in 1983 in order to capitalize on the success of their hit single "Our House" from the 1982 album Madness Presents the Rise & Fall, which had not been available in the United States. The album features six tracks from the aforementioned The Rise & Fall album, as well as three from the 1981 album 7, one from the 1979 debut album One Step Beyond... and two exclusive single a-sides. Curiously, the 1980 album Absolutely was not represented at all on this compilation. Madness contains every UK single from "Grey Day" to "Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)," with the notable exception of "Driving in My Car," which has never been issued on any US compilation.
One Step Beyond... is the 1979 debut album by the British ska-pop group Madness. It was ranked 90th in a 2005 survey held by British television's Channel 4 to determine the 100 greatest albums of all time. The album peaked at number two and remained in the UK Albums Chart for over a year. It was the first album produced by the team of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, who would go on to work with artists such as Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Morrissey, Dexys Midnight Runners and They Might Be Giants, as well as producing all but one of Madness' subsequent albums. The title track, released as a single, was originally written and recorded by the Jamaican ska musician Prince Buster. The spoken line, "Don't watch that, watch this" in the introduction is from another Prince Buster song, "The Scorcher". It was their second single after "The Prince" which was a tribute song to this musician. The song heard between the two last titles on the album's original track list is "Madness", a cover of the Prince Buster song. While it is not listed on the UK LP sleeve or label, it was appended to the U.S. Sire LP release and later releases on CD. This recording is different from the version found as the B-side of the "The Prince" single. The 2009 reissue also includes the music videos for "The Prince", "One Step Beyond", "My Girl", "Night Boat to Cairo" and "Bed & Breakfast Man". The first four of these were also included on the version of One Step Beyond... issued as part of the box set The Lot. The bonus disc contains various B-sides as well as all three songs previously only released on the Work Rest and Play EP in April 1980. Singles and EP from the album: with:
Our House: the Original Songs is a greatest hits album by a British pop band Madness, released in 2002. It was released as a result of the stage show "Our House", and comprises the tracks which were included in the musical. The album features two new songs, "Simple Equation" and "Sarah's Song".
7 is the third album from the British ska/pop band Madness. Released in October 1981, it reached #5 in the UK album chart. All but one track was recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas in the summer of 1981, the exception being Grey Day which was recorded in London earlier in the year. Although in 2011 Co-producer Alan Winstanley stated in the 'Guided Tour Of Madness' boxed-set that a lot of the album was re-recorded in London when they returned from Nassau. There were several different versions of the album released throughout the world. Some territories removed the not so tourist-friendly A Day On The Town while others replaced it with Never Ask Twice aka Aeroplane / Airplane, which was issued on the Shut Up 12" in the UK. In Belgium Never Ask Twice was issued on a one sided 7" single with initial copies of the album. France renamed A Day On The Town as A Place In The City. Australia added It Must Be Love as the first track on side one. And Japan added In The City, which was issued there as a single after it was initially written for and used to promote Honda cars in TV commercials. Later vinyl pressings featured different mixes of some tracks (most notably Mrs Hutchinson and A Day On The Town). When first issued on CD in 1989 these 'later' mixes were the ones used, and have been since. In 2009 and 2010, Madness re-released their entire back catalogue of studio albums up until 1999's Wonderful with a bonus CD and extra tracks.
"Our House" is a single by English ska/pop band Madness, from their UK album The Rise & Fall and their US compilation Madness. Released in November 1982, it peaked at #5 in the UK singles chart and was their biggest hit in the United States, reaching #7 in the Hot 100Billboard in 1983. Though Madness produced many successful singles over a period of 20 years especially in their native United Kingdom, the enormous American popularity of "Our House" means that they are often regarded as one hit wonders in the USA (though technically they are two hit wonders in America, as their version of "It Must Be Love" also subsequently entered the US top 40). It won Best Song at the May 1983 Ivor Novello awards. A musical called Our House, featuring Madness songs, ran in London's West End between October 2002 and August 2003. A recording of the show was broadcast on BBC Three and was released as a DVD. An altered version of the song was used in a Maxwell House commercial and the real version was featured in a montage for an episode of the BBC comedy, My Family. The original recording was also used as the theme for a 1998 ITV docusoap series, The Estate Agents, as well as for a 2004 American reality game, House of Dreams. The song also featured in a 2007-8 series of TV advertisements for Bird's Eye in which Suggs appeared, as well as an advertisement for the 2008 ABC reality game show Opportunity Knocks, and in episode 4 of season 3 of US TV show Brothers & Sisters, during the yard sale scene. In 2010, a mashup of Jingle Bells and Our House, created by New York music and audio branding company Expansion Team, was used in a Christmas time commercial for Verizon. In 1985 'Our House' was the theme song for a children's drama series, 'Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest. The version featured on the show was performed by the cast members. At the 2012 Olympic Games Madness performed "Our House" in the closing Olympic ceremonies during an elaborate light show with scores of dancers.][ The B-side, "Walking With Mr. Wheeze", is an instrumental with occasional scratch mix effects. The title is a play on "Groovin' With Mr. Bloe", an instrumental hit of 1970 by the session group Mr. Bloe. In 1984, Madness performed Our House on the episode Sick of The Young Ones. The video depicts the band acting out the song's lyrics in an old mews house. The song's lyrics mostly describe the working-class family lifestyle, and the band acts them out by portraying such a family in the video. The band plays their instruments in the living room, prepares for work and school as the 'family,' plays squash, and relaxes in a hot tub. The video also includes exterior shots of various other houses including Buckingham Palace. It was filmed near Willesden Junction. ("Stretch mix" is a mostly instrumental edit of the Extended mix)
Complete Madness is the first greatest hits album by ska/pop group Madness. It was released in 1982 (see 1982 in music) and included Madness' biggest hits from their first three studio albums and all the stand-alone singles. Complete Madness spent 99 weeks on the UK charts peaking at number 1. A corresponding VHS video was also released, containing all thirteen of the group's music videos up to that point (the twelve singles plus "Bed and Breakfast Man"). The album was re-issued in 2010.
The Rise & Fall is the fourth album by the British ska/pop group Madness. This album saw Madness at their most experimental, exhibiting a range of musical styles including jazz, English music hall, and Eastern influences. NME described it at the time of its release as "The best Madness record." It has often been retrospectively described as a concept album. Although initially conceived as a concept album about nostalgia for childhood, the concept was eventually dropped, though the original theme is still evident particularly in the title track and the album's major hit "Our House." This theme was also mentioned recently when interviewed as part of T in the Park highlights, where Suggs said that all the band members were told to write about their childhood memories for the Rise & Fall (although he did say that Barson got the wrong idea, and went off and wrote about New Delhi). Although the band had previously been avowedly apolitical, the track "Blue Skinned Beast" was an overt satire on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her handling of the Falklands War, paving the way for more political comment on subsequent Madness albums. Though the album was never released in the USA, several tracks were later placed on the compilation Madness, including the melancholic pop of "Our House". In 2009 and 2010, Madness re-released their entire back catalogue of studio albums up until 1999's Wonderful with a bonus CD and extra tracks. Promo videos (Enhanced CD content): Kid Jensen sessions Bonus tracks
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