Who played tabitha on bewitched and where is she now?


Seven different actresses played 'Tabitha' on the show 'Bewitched,' the first actress was Cynthia Black, several twins played her2

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Tabitha Lenox is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists from the NBC/DirecTV daytime drama Passions. Tabitha has been played by Juliet Mills since the show's debut in 1999. Mills continued in the role when the show moved from NBC to DirecTV's The 101 in September 2007. Jane Carr portrayed Tabitha's voice and served as a body double for a time when Mills was on vacation in 2006. In June 2007, Tabitha recalled her youthful days at a magic academy in which the role of young Tabitha was played by Kim Huber.

In 2001, HarperEntertainment released Hidden Passions, a tie-in novelization presented as Tabitha's diary, exposing the secrets and pasts of the town's residents. Passions featured a storyline involving Tabitha and Timmy promoting the book, which reached #4 on the real-life Best Seller listNew York Times and garnered the series two alternative covers of TV Guide in July 2001.

Dr. Bombay is a fictional warlock / witch doctor character who appeared in eighteen episodes of the television series Bewitched (originally broadcast from 1964 to 1972). The role of Samantha's family "warlock doctor" was played by actor Bernard Fox. He twice reprised the role for the spinoff series, Tabitha, where the character's first name, "Hubert", was revealed. Although fond of Samantha, he tends to regard her husband Darrin with little more than amused contempt. His debut episode was the third season finale "There's Gold in Them Thar Pills".

Usually summoned by an incantation such as "Calling Dr. Bombay! Calling Dr. Bombay, Emergency! Come right away!", he would usually appear in an outrageous costume, appropriate for whatever bizarre activity he had been interrupted doing, and often with an attractive female assistant he was currently romancing. His antidotes for witch diseases and spells gone awry would often cause complications of their own. He usually ended his visits by teleporting away during a burst of laughter at one of his own witticisms. Dr. Bombay apparently served the witch/warlock community under the authority of the Witches Council, since Samantha's Aunt Hagatha once threatened to appeal to the Council to have him replaced, even though it was often mentioned that he was the only doctor available.

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