Who is winning the NLCS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Phillidelphia Phillies?


The Phillies are leading the NLCS seris 3-1 over the Dodgers, Game 5 is tomorrow night. Thanks for using AnswerParty.

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NLCS Baseball

In Major League Baseball, the National League Championship Series (NLCS) is a round in the postseason that determines who wins the National League pennant and advances to Major League Baseball's championship, the World Series, facing the winner of the American League Championship Series. The reigning National League Champions are the St. Louis Cardinals.

Prior to 1969, the National League champion (the "pennant winner") was determined by the best win-loss record at the end of the regular season. There were four ad hoc three-game playoff series due to ties under this formulation (in 1946, 1951, 1959 and 1962). (The American League had to resolve a tie in 1948, but used a single-game playoff for that.)


The Philadelphia Phillies are a Major League Baseball team. They are the oldest continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in all of professional American sports, dating to 1883. The Phillies are a member of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball's National League. Since 2004, the team's home has been Citizens Bank Park which is located in Southern Philadelphia.

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(1932 is the first year in which the nickname appeared on the uniforms of the Brooklyn Base Ball Club).


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