Who is the bassist for stonesour?


Shawn Economaki Shawn is the bassist of Stone Sour. A quiet guy.

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Live in Moscow is a live album by American heavy metal band Stone Sour. The album features a recording of the band performing in Moscow, Russia in October 2006, video footage from this performance is featured on the special edition of their album Come What(ever) May. Live in Moscow was released on August 14, 2007, exclusive to the iTunes Store.
"Say You'll Haunt Me" is the second single from alternative metal band Stone Sour's third album Audio Secrecy which was released on September 7, 2010 via Roadrunner Records. The song was released to the public on July 6, 2010. The song has received radio airplay on multiple major rock and metal stations nationally in the US. The digital single was released through Amazon & iTunes on July 20, 2010. Frontman Corey Taylor told The Pulse of Radio, that it took him a while to warm up to “Say You’ll Haunt Me” during the making of the record. “It was one of those songs, that I didn’t really feel until it was finished,” he said. “I enjoyed the lyrics, but I wasn’t sure about the music. I’d come in and I’d sang it, and I put my heart into it, because the lyrics are about my wife and how I feel about my wife, and then I left. And I came back and they [the rest of the band] had just made it incredible. Now I can’t get it out of my head.” The band has shot a music video, directed by Paul R. Brown. The video premiered on July 27, 2010. The video begins with a car (1972 Plymouth Barracuda) pulling into a creepy alleyway with Corey Taylor being pulled out of the trunk by his bandmates. He is then lead upstairs to be strapped into a chair and interrogated by a woman who seems to have an aggression towards him. As this is happening, ghostly images of the band perform in front of each member, the video also features these images solo inside an abandoned warehouse including Taylor. Taylor is then blindfolded and then a weird screen is brought out. Corey then walks into the room from the shadows, with a shaved head, wearing a suit and sunglasses. He takes the sunglasses off and then the blindfold is removed, revealing the woman from before. At the end of the solo and the final "everything to" shaved Corey presses the button and the other Corey is then seen singing on the screen. The lady panics from this sight and the rest of the band have smiles on their faces. At the end of the video the band leaves the lady tied. Right before it fades to black, the screen says "What did you see?" This was part of a contest that the band held to see the concept of the video, which had a code which read "I am you" which explains the fact Corey was replaced with the woman. The video uses the album version, not the short radio edit. In the week of October 2, 2010, "Say You'll Haunt Me" reached No. 1 on both the U.S. Billboard Rock Songs chart and the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. In doing so, it became Stone Sour's first single to reach No. 1 on the Rock Songs chart and their second, after "Through Glass", to reach No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. It was made available to download on January 18, 2011 for use in the Rock Band 3 music gaming platform in both Basic rhythm, and PRO mode which utilizes real guitar / bass guitar, and MIDI compatible electronic drum kits / keyboards in addition to vocals.
Stone Sour is the debut studio album by American heavy metal band Stone Sour. It was recorded and produced by the band and Tom Tatman at Catamount Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and was released on August 27, 2002, through Roadrunner Records. Writing for the album began in 2000 while vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root were still actively involved in their other band, Slipknot. Work began on the album after Slipknot had gone on hiatus following touring in support of their second album Iowa. Following the release of the album, Stone Sour went on to promote it for almost a year; releasing three singles and touring in several regions, including the United States and several countries in Europe. The album received generally positive reviews. It was praised for showing a diversity in Taylor's vocals, which was not presented in Slipknot's early albums. It was also certified Gold in the United States and two singles from the album received Grammy Award nominations for Best Metal Performance in consecutive years. In 2000, Josh Rand contacted Corey Taylor after he had returned from touring in Japan with his other band Slipknot about material he had been working on. Speaking about the experience, Taylor said, "we just started writing stuff and it started to happen". The duo wrote 14 songs and began working in a studio on some demos. Taylor added that it got to a point were he said to Rand, "I think we're going to have to put a real band together, because this is just too serious!" After further enlisting the help of Joel Ekman and previous Stone Sour members Shawn Economaki and Jim Root, the band began working on the album at Catamount Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Before the release of the album, the band went through several different names, most notably Superego, before later announcing that they would use their original name Stone Sour. Prior to the release of the album, the track "Bother" was featured on the soundtrack for the film Spider-Man; however, it was only credited to Corey Taylor. In support of the album, Stone Sour released two singles in quick succession; "Get Inside" was the band's first music video and it included live footage. Released shortly after, "Bother" also featured a music video. Throughout October and November 2002, Stone Sour toured the United States in support of the album with Chevelle and Sinch. In 2003, the band continued to tour in support of the album; including a European tour with Saliva, an American tour with Powerman 5000, several appearances at European festivals, a UK tour with Murderdolls, amongst others. The third single from the album, "Inhale," was released in early 2003, shortly after the previously unreleased track "Inside the Cynic" was featured on the soundtrack for Freddy vs. Jason. On October 21, 2003, a special edition version of Stone Sour was released which included "Inside the Cynic", four additional unreleased tracks, a DVD which featured all three music videos and alternative cover artwork. Corey Taylor touted Stone Sour as "melodic hard rock with content and initiative." Jason D. Taylor of Allmusic noted that although it is not displayed on early Slipknot releases, "[Corey] Taylor has the ability to actually sing," citing Alice in Chains and Soundgarden as influences. Jason Taylor went on to state the album gets better after multiple listens. Jeff Modzelewski of 411mania wrote the album mixed "hostility, reservation, brutality and melody." According to Modzelewski, the album has a "mainstream sound" with each of the band's members standing out during one song or another. Don Kaye of felt the message of "Bother" did not differ from Slipknot tracks, but was "presented in an utterly different musical vein". Kaye also felt the album "holds its own ... in terms of heaviness and power." "The band knows how to put together an energetic rocker," wrote NY Rock; elements such as the "melodic twist to the songs ... will please hardcore and metal fans." Stone Sour received generally positive reviews. Most reviewers offered some comparison to that of vocalist Taylor and guitarist Root's other band Slipknot. While reviewing the album, Don Kaye wrote that "it's rare that a musician offers up another venue for their talents that proves to be equal to their fulltime outfit," stating that Stone Sour is one such case. While Rowan Shaeffer of Counterculture states that "Get Inside" is "the closest to Slipknot that Stone Sour get," even comparing it to the Slipknot single "Left Behind". Citing "the chugging rhythm, manic kick-drums and shout-along vocals" as specific elements that are reminiscent of Slipknot, adding that it was "an obvious choice for a single" as it would not alienate their potential audience of Slipknot fans. Jason D. Taylor noted the similarity in lyrical content to that of Slipknot's; however, he stated that vocalist Taylor comes across as less infuriated which "allows the songs themselves to settle smoothly, yet motivate the listener to feel the emotion". NY Rock stated that the album has a "more balanced feel to it" than that of Slipknot's most recent release at that time, Iowa. Reviewers also noted upon the album's versatility, specifically that of Taylor's vocal range and abilities. Jeff Modzelewski praised the opening track "Get Inside" explaining, "the scorching speed-metal verse and screaming chorus are played off pretty well against the melodic pre-chorus". Jason D. Taylor cited "Orchids" and "Take a Number" as songs which stand out because they "strike with surprising force for an alternative rock group". On a similar note, Don Kaye said the album includes some "sinister, groove-oriented metal gems that refreshingly stay away from nu metal cliches". The most melodic track on the album, "Bother", received specific attention from most reviewers. Modzelewski said that the track "seems to be the song that the album has been preparing everyone for", further adding that Taylor proves "that he is a legitimate vocalist who doesn't need to rely on destroying his vocal chords to make a good song". In his review, Rowan Shaeffer stated the track was a specific highlight, but said that the change in style was "at odds with the rest of the material" on the album. In 2003, Stone Sour's first single from the album, "Get Inside", was nominated for the Best Metal performance at the 45th Grammy Awards. On March 20, 2003, Stone Sour was certified Gold in the United States. The following year, the album's third single, "Inhale", was also nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 46th Grammy Awards. All songs written and performed by Stone Sour except "Bother" written and performed by Corey Taylor and "Tumult" written by Stone Sour and Ryan Weeder.
Audio Secrecy is the third studio album by American rock band Stone Sour. It was recorded and produced by the band and Nick Raskulinecz at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. On June 10, the band released a free download of "Mission Statement", which was later released as a single on iTunes. The first official single, "Say You'll Haunt Me", however, was released on July 6, 2010. Audio Secrecy is also the first album by the band to not feature a 'Parental Advisory' sticker and is dedicated to Slipknot bassist Paul Gray. It is also the bands last album to feature bassist Shawn Economaki. Audio Secrecy received generally positive reviews from music critics. Tim Grierson of compared the band to Slipknot stating that Stone Sour delivers loud and powerful love songs and that the album in whole displayed Corey Taylor's flexibility in music. Gregory Heaney of Allmusic praised Taylor's voice stating that he has made full use of his voice "from guttural to soaring". He also related the "chugging guitar" work of the album to that of Deftones. Lenny Vowels, a senior critic of awarded the album seven out of ten stars summarizing his review by stating "Stone Sour's newest record does seem to yearn for new heights, but for some reason can't quite reach them. The mood is definitely darker than their previous two albums, though that doesn't mean it's better. Basically, what's good on the album is great, and while nothing's bad, the rest doesn't come off as anything special either. In the band's personal history, I'd rank it above Come What(ever) May overall, but their self-titled album still leads the pack. Either way, this record is worth having if you're a fan of the band, but don't expect much in the way of new." Audio Secrecy debuted in the top 10 in various countries. In the US it sold 46,000 copies in its first week and debuted at No.6 on the Billboard 200. All songs written and composed by Stone Sour.  At least two more songs were created during the Audio Secrecy recording sessions. One of them is called "The Pessimist". The song is mentioned in the official Stone Sour biography. "For guitarist Josh Rand, the track 'The Pessimist' holds a special significance. 'It's the heaviest song we've done up to this point. I spent a day and a half studying the Hindu scale for the lead. The guitar solo for that song has a very Eastern sound.' The song sees Rand shredding with a precise, powerful solo that's melodic and metallic. All the while, it preserves a unique feel." Rand stated that they will release the song in the future, but they don't know when or how yet.][ "The Pessimist" is on the soundtrack of Transformers: Dark of the Moon as an iTunes exclusive track. It is also available on their Facebook page as a free download. There's also a recording of a spoken word by Corey Taylor, simply titled '2010' (confirmed by Corey) just like "Omega" and "The Frozen" on the previous records. A statement about this by Corey Taylor on MTV UK on Twitter: "I recorded one but we just decided not to release it ~Corey".][
James Donald "Jim" Root (born October 2, 1971), also known by his number #4, is an American musician known for being the guitarist for the heavy metal band Slipknot, and for the alternative metal band Stone Sour. He shares lead and rhythm guitar duties in both bands. He was the last member to join the current line-up of Slipknot, in January 1999. James Root has performed in bands such as Atomic Opera, Deadfront and Stone Sour; the latter which he joined in 1995, and returned to along with vocalist Corey Taylor, during its revival in 2002. Prior to joining Slipknot, he worked as a screenprinter, waiter, and busboy. Root joined the band in January 1999, replacing their original guitarist, Josh Brainard, who left the band during the recording of their self-titled album, reportedly after having fulfilled his recording duties. In fact, the only two songs Root recorded during the album's sessions were "Purity" and "Me Inside", the former being featured on the short-lived first pressing of Slipknot as well as the 10th Anniversary Edition, and the latter being its replacement. Despite this, the song has become a staple for most of the band's live performances. Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor invited Root to join the band based on Taylor's past experiences working with him in Stone Sour. Although filling in the spot of rhythm guitar in 1999, Root is considered to be one of the band's main songwriters and has written lead guitar parts for Slipknot's later albums particularly on All Hope is Gone. Root typically performs on lead guitar in Stone Sour, although he sometimes plays rhythm instead. He has spoken of both bands' guitar style as being twin guitar: "In both bands, I fulfill both roles. In Slipknot, Mick [Thomson] has some solos, and in Stone Sour, Josh [Rand] has some solos." During the recording of Stone Sour's Audio Secrecy, he and Rand recorded their parts simultaneously. Outside Slipknot and Stone Sour, Root has appeared on Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson's DJ Starscream album The New Leader and John 5's The Devil Knows My Name, for the song "Black Widow of La Porte", and also appeared on the Roadrunner United project, performing the solo and harmony guitars on "Tired 'N Lonely" from the project's album The All-Star Sessions. He also appeared on Jonathan Davis and the SFA´s cover of Lil Wayne´s "Got Money". Jim Root is in a relationship with Lacuna Coil singer Cristina Scabbia, this is seen on his social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. He currently owns a home in Atlantic Beach, Florida. In July 2007, Fender released the Jim Root Telecaster. Prior to his endorsement deal with Fender, Root had been seen using PRS, Jackson, Charvel, and Maverick electric guitars and Martin acoustic guitars as well as a wide range of effect pedals and amplifiers. In a 2009 performance for Eurockeennes, Jim used a Gibson Flying V. In January 2010, a Jim Root Signature Fender Stratocaster was unveiled on the Fender website, similar to the one he has been seen using on stage, as of March 2009. In 2012, Orange announced a new signature Tiny Terror amp based on their Rockerverb 100, Root's main amp, called the #4. Then Squier Telecaster signature model was released, similar to first Fender Telecaster Jim Root signature. White one comes with black pickguard and black one comes with white pickguard. Both Squiers have maple neck and rosewood fretboard (22 frets). Jim's signature Squiers do not contain EMG 81 and EMG 60. Squiers contain Covered Passive Humbucking Pickups (Neck and Bridge). He confirmed on his Instagram that a signature Jazzmaster will be released. They will have the same specs as the signature Stratocaster but with only ebony fretboards and no pickguard. Jim's Live Setup Touring Members :
The Junk Beer Kidnap Band is an American rock band from Des Moines, Iowa, formed in 2009. They are a side-project of Corey Taylor, frontman of the heavy metal band Slipknot and rock band Stone Sour. Since their formation, JBKB have currently solely been a touring band for lead singer and guitarist Taylor's solo work. No official studio album has been announced. Originally conceptualized as "the first stoner rock disco funk band" by vocalist and guitarist Corey Taylor, JBKB were formed in 2008. To begin with they wrote 9 songs together, however it was when the band were jamming Taylor's solo material that he asked them to "back him up" on his shows he was planning. Taylor describes it as "pure Midwest rock" with "big chords, huge choruses and a lot of melody." To date, the band has played some original songs as well as covers of songs from Stone Sour and others. The JBKB original song "Imperfect" was slowed down and put in Stone Sour's 2010 release "Audio Secrecy". The original version also had drums and an alternate ending, both of which were taken out of the Stone Sour version. Touring Members :
Corey Taylor (born December 8, 1973) is an American musician best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of Slipknot and Stone Sour. Corey Taylor is a founding member of Stone Sour, and has released five studio albums with that band. Taylor joined Slipknot in 1997 to replace their original singer. He has released four studio albums with them. He has worked with several bands, including Junk Beer Kidnap Band, Apocalyptica, Anthrax, Aaron Lewis of Staind, and Soulfly. Taylor was ranked number 86 in Hit Parader's Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time. Corey Taylor was born in Des Moines, Iowa on December 8, 1973. He lived in Orlando briefly with his uncle, George Robson though Taylor was mostly raised by his mother in Waterloo, Iowa, a place described by Taylor as a "hole in the ground with buildings around it." He is of Belgian, Polish and Danish background from his father's side. Taylor was raised by his single mother. He developed a fond feeling toward classic rock after his grandmother introduced him to it. In 1979, Taylor and his mother saw the science fiction series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Before the series, there was a trailer for the 1978 horror film Halloween. Taylor said this "developed some sense of Slipknot in [himself]." While Halloween introduced Taylor to masks and horror themes, Taylor's grandmother introduced him to rock music, showing him a collection of Elvis Presley records from the mid-fifties to late seventies. He especially found some songs like "Teddy Bear", "In the Ghetto", and "Suspicious Minds", to appeal to his interests the most, describing them as "good times." Taylor also began listening to Black Sabbath at a young age, beginning with their early work. Taylor, along with his mother and sister, lived in an "old dilapidated farmhouse," which on days in late autumn would "look like Black Sabbath album covers." By age fifteen, Taylor had developed a drug addiction and had overdosed on cocaine twice. By this time, Taylor was living in Waterloo, Iowa, but later set out on his own and ended up at his grandmother's trailer in Ohio. She took legal custody of him and helped him buy musical equipment. When Taylor was eighteen, he left his grandmother's trailer and went to various places, Des Moines being a place to which he frequently returned. Taylor and his father first met when Taylor was an adult, and now have a relationship, although he said their paths do not cross that often. On September 17, 2002, Taylor's then-fiancée, Scarlett Stone, gave birth to their son Griffin Parker. Taylor also has a daughter named Angeline from an earlier relationship. Taylor and Stone married on March 11, 2004, and divorced three years later. On November 13, 2009, he married Scarlett Stone again. Early in the 2000s, Taylor was pied in the face in the parking lot of Wynnsong 16 Cinema in Johnston, IA, by a body-armored assailant. Taylor has also had alcohol abuse problems, which his wife, Scarlett, helped him through as well as keeping him from committing suicide. In 2006, Taylor told MTV that he had attempted to jump off a balcony of the eighth floor of the Hyatt on Sunset Boulevard in 2003, but "somehow [Scarlett] stopped me". This was later recanted by Taylor in an interview with Kerrang! radio and stated that it was, in fact, his friend Thom Hazaert who stopped him from jumping. Scarlett then told him that either he would have to get sober or she would annul their marriage. Before Stone Sour started recording Come What(ever) May in January 2006, Taylor was sober. On August 3, 2009, he co-hosted the 2009 Kerrang! Awards alongside Scott Ian of Anthrax. The following year, they both once again co-hosted The Kerrang Awards, where Corey collected the K! Services to Metal award on behalf of Paul Gray who died after an accidental overdose of morphine and fentanyl, and had also shown signs of "significant heart disease". In early September 2010, Taylor announced that his book, Seven Deadly Sins: Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good would be released on July 12, 2011 through Da Capo Press. On November 13, 2010, Taylor married Stephanie Luby at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. In Des Moines, Iowa, Joey Jordison, Shawn Crahan, and Mick Thomson approached him asking him to join Slipknot. He agreed to go to one of their practices, and ended up singing in front of them. Of Slipknot's nine members, Corey was the sixth to join the band. Feeling he could expand more in Slipknot than in Stone Sour, Taylor temporarily quit Stone Sour, even though they were recording an album with Sean McMahon. Taylor's first gig with Slipknot was on August 22, 1997, which according to band members did not go well. During his first gig, Taylor did not perform wearing a mask; however, for his second show nearly a month later, Corey wore a mask that resembles his debut album mask. Taylor's current mask was described by MTV's Chris Harris as looking "as though it were made of dried, human flesh—like Leatherface, if only he used moisturizer." One of the old dreadlocked masks is now in the possession of Dom Howard of British rock band Muse, after the two bands both played MetalFest. He was apparently subjected to Taylor's "sit the fuck down!" routine face-to-face during Slipknot's set and can be seen reliving the experience (wearing the mask) on Muse's Hullabaloo . Despite rumours that Howard had stolen the mask, he in fact received it from a fan afterwards. Taylor has recorded with Slipknot since the release of their second demo album, a self-titled demo used to promote the band to prospective labels and producers. As permanent vocalist, he recorded with Slipknot at Indigo Ranch in Malibu, California and released Slipknot, the band's debut album that peaked number one on the Top Heatseekers chart, went 2× Platinum in the United States, and was included in the 2006 book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Taylor was accused of copyright infringement, regarding the lyrics of the song "Purity", but no action was taken. Taylor began recording for their second studio album, Iowa, in 2001 at Sound City and Sound Image in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. It was released August 28, 2001 and peaked number one on the UK Albums Chart, as well as number three on the Billboard 200. While writing Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), Taylor decided to write lyrics that would not warrant an explicit label. It peaked number two on the Billboard 200. All Hope Is Gone was the first Slipknot album to peak number one on the Billboard 200. Taylor is a founding member of the American hard rock band Stone Sour. After he formed the band with drummer Joel Ekman, Shawn Economaki joined filling in the bass position, leaving the electric guitar position to be filled by Josh Rand. Stone Sour recorded a demo album in 92, and another in 1994. In 1997, Taylor was approached by the metal band, Slipknot, resulting in him abandoning Stone Sour while they were recording a demo album with Sean McMahon at SR studios. Taylor did not return until five years later to record their debut album, Stone Sour in 2002. Both Taylor and guitarist Josh Rand contacted Jim Root, Slipknot's guitarist, and Shawn Economaki, Stone Sour's original bassist, to begin writing songs for their debut album. Drummer Joel Ekman came back on board as well. This "reformation" later resulted in Stone Sour recording at Catamount Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Their self-titled debut album was released August 27, 2002, and it debuted at number 46 on the 200Billboard. Their second album, Come What(ever) May debuted at number four on the Billboard 200. It was released August 1, 2006, and charted on several different charts. Live in Moscow is currently their only album specifically released only for music download. During the recording of the album, drummer Joel Ekman left the band for personal reasons. As a result, drummer Roy Mayorga was recruited, taking his place. The group released their third studio album, Audio Secrecy, on September 7, 2010. Later, Corey Taylor has announced the release of a concept double album with Stone Sour. The albums are titled "House of Gold And Bones". During the process of making the double album, bassist Shawn Economaki left the band. He was temporarily replaced for touring purposes by Johny Chow. The first part was released in October 2012 and the second part in April 2013. There are 23 songs in total, 11 on the first part and 12 on the second. In addition to these two albums is a four-part comic book series written by Taylor and published by Dark Horse Comics. They are set to go on sale in 2013. With these albums came a story that was written by Taylor that coincide with the album. Fans can also construct a minature "house of gold and bones" from the packaging design of the physical versions of the two albums. Taylor has also said that he would like to finish off the project by making the story into a movie but nothing has come of this yet. Taylor has appeared as a guest musician on albums by Soulfly, Apocalyptica and Damageplan. At one point, he was heavily involved in the recording of thrash metal band Anthrax's album, Worship Music, but the sessions remain unreleased. He also contributed to the Roadrunner United all-star album in 2005, providing vocals for the song "Rich Man". Taylor has also made a brief appearance in Steel Panther's singles "Death to All but Metal", "Eyes of a Panther", and "Asian Hooker". About his colabaration with Steel Panther, Taylor said the following: "Honestly, it was a great time- I love that fuckin band, and the guys are all amazing." In 2006, Taylor founded the record company Great Big Mouth Records. Taylor has produced two albums: Face Cage's self-titled album and Walls of Jericho's Redemption. Taylor provided guest narration on the track "Repentance" for Dream Theater's 2007 album Systematic Chaos. In an interview with Billboard magazine, Taylor confirmed that on January 13, 2009, he was planning on making a solo album, as well as returning to his side project Stone Sour after Slipknot's All Hope Is Gone World Tour. Taylor has stated that he is currently been writing songs that states "don't fit either of his main bands." He describes them as a cross between Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash, and Social Distortion, saying that there's "a country background that comes built-in with living in Iowa". On the March 30, 2009, it was confirmed that Taylor and the Junk Beer Kidnap Band would be performing at Rockfest in 2009. The group performed on April 24, 2009 at People's Court in Des Moines, Iowa, marking Taylor's first official solo show. Taylor performs with his band the Dum Fux, who make covers for 1970s punk rock and 1980s hair metal. Taylor also performs with Audacious P, a band that is primarily a Tenacious D covers band. Rapper Tech N9ne confirmed that Taylor was to perform on his album K.O.D., but was removed because Taylor did not submit his vocals in time. Taylor recently admitted that he tried out for the vacant singer spot in the band Velvet Revolver, but said that it just did not work out. However, according to a recent Billboard article, it seems likely that he may in fact become the vocalist for Velvet Revolver, though no official confirmation has been made. Duff McKagan added that they can neither "confirm or deny" Taylor's membership in the band but believes that Taylor is the "real deal". Slash has since ruled Corey out as the possible new vocalist explaining that "[it] just wasn't right" although he does love him. He however, has recorded 10 new songs with the band, drummer Matt Sorum stated it's unlikely it will ever be released. Taylor explained to Mark Hoppus on Hoppus on Music that McKagan and he were writing new music for a possible new supergroup. In July 2011 Taylor collaborated with Aaron Lewis while promoting Lewis' solo album, Town Line for a one night only acoustic duet show covering songs such as, Pearl Jam's "Black", Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, and Alice in Chains' Down in a Hole, videos from this show with Taylor and Lewis can be found on YouTube. As a solo artist he recorded a song, "X-M@$", for The Teenage Cancer Trust. The single was made available to digital retailers on December 12, 2010. It debuted at number thirty-seven in the UK. In 2011, Taylor collaborated with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker on Barker's solo album Give the Drummer Some on the song "On My Own". Taylor has a baritone vocal range, and spans 3 octaves. The first two Slipknot albums with Taylor's vocals, Slipknot and Iowa, both contain gratuitous explicit content. Many critics claimed Taylor relied on the profanity, which is why Slipknot's third album, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) is profanity free, (with the exceptions of the word "Bitch" on the song Duality and "Bastard" on the intro of Pulse of the Maggots), and did not warrant the explicit label. Compared with the previous vocalist for Slipknot, Anders Colsefni, Taylor has a vocal style that was characterized by drummer Joey Jordison as "really good melodic singing". Taylor's vocal style, which contains at times melodic singing, growling, screaming, shouting, and rapping, led him to place at number 86 on the Hit Parader's Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time and is often compared to other vocalists such as Ivan L. Moody, John Bush, Phil Anselmo and Jamey Jasta. Taylor's two major projects have contrasting temperaments. Slipknot is considered to be heavy metal, nu metal and alternative metal, and expresses moods such as depression, hostility, anger, and rebellion. Stone Sour is classified as hard rock, alternative metal, heavy metal, and post-grunge, expressing moods of bleakness and somberness as well as anger and rebellion. Taylor cites Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Dokken, Misfits, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Slayer, Def Leppard, Sex Pistols, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cheap Trick, Pearl Jam, The Damned, The Cramps, Megadeth, Journey, Bob Dylan, Pantera and Korn as influences. Touring Members : Corey Taylor 4EveR
bassist bassist for stonesour Shawn Economaki Shawn Stone Sour the bassist for stonesour bassist of Stone Sour

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