Who is special agent laura macy on ncis?


Louise Lombard played the role of Special Agent Lara Macy on two episodes of the 2003 hit series NCIS.

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Louise Lombard is an English actress.

This is an overview of regular and recurring characters on the TV series NCIS: Los Angeles.

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NCIS: Los Angeles (Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Los Angeles) is an American television series combining elements of the military drama and police procedural genres, which premiered on the CBS network on September 22, 2009. The series airs following NCIS on Tuesdays in the United States.

NCIS: Los Angeles is the first spin-off of the successful show NCIS, itself a spinoff of another CBS series, JAG. On October 7, 2009, CBS gave the series a full-season pickup, extending the first season to 22 episodes. The season was extended again on November 4, 2009, when CBS announced its order for an additional two episodes.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a fictional character and the protagonist of the CBS TV series NCIS. He is portrayed by Mark Harmon.

Series creator Donald P. Bellisario initially did not think Mark Harmon would fit the role of Gibbs, "a flinty type with a strong sense of honor and respect for the military", but changed his mind after viewing a tape of Harmon's portrayal of a Secret Service agent on The West Wing. Co-executive producer Charles Floyd Johnson recalls, "We all looked at that work. And everybody said, 'He's Gibbs.'" Harmon was cast in 2003, and Bellisario explained, "I said, 'Oh, my God, he's Gibbs.' He had matured. He's good-looking in a totally different way than he was as a young guy." At another point, he said, "I am so lucky to have Mark Harmon as the lead. You have no idea. This cast is gold. Mark Harmon is a Middle American guy, even if he was raised in [Southern California]. His values are exactly the same as mine."

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Louise Lombard is an English actress.



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