Where did the boat 'The Gail Frances' from the perfect storm sink?


The boat from The Perfect Storm'' is called the Andrea Gail. The ship and crew were never found. The crew was missing and presumed dead. A few items such an empty raft and fuel tank were the only wreckage ever found. The tragedy took place in 1991.

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A perfect storm is a confluence of events that drastically aggravates a situation.

Perfect storm may also refer to:

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SS Andrea Doria /ˈændriə ˈdɔəriə/. Pronounced an-DRAY-a DOHR-ee-a was an ocean liner for the Italian Line (Società di navigazione Italia) home ported in Genoa, Italy, most famous for her sinking in 1956, when 52 people died (51 from immediate impact).

The F/V Andrea Gail was a commercial fishing vessel that was lost at sea with all hands during the "Perfect Storm" of 1991. The vessel and her six-man crew had been fishing the North Atlantic Ocean out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Her last reported position was 180 mi (290 km) northeast of Sable Island on October 28, 1991. The story of the Andrea Gail and her crew was the basis of the 1997 book The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, and a 2000 film.

The Andrea Gail was a 72-foot (22 m) commercial fishing vessel constructed in Panama City, Florida in 1978, and owned by Robert Brown. Her home port was Marblehead, Massachusetts. She also sailed from Gloucester, Massachusetts, where she would offload her catch and reload food, fuel, and stores for her next run. She was originally named Miss Penny.

A perfect storm is a confluence of events that drastically aggravates a situation.

Perfect storm may also refer to:

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