When you call Rummy in the game Rummy, do you have to pick up the whole pile of cards?


"Rummy" means there is a complete set in the discard pile, example, three sixes in the discard pile and you call rummy on the board and you get to pick them up without taking the rest of the pile. Thank you for using AnswerParty!

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Rummy Games

500 rum, also called pinochle rummy, Michigan rummy, rummy 500 or 500 rummy, is a popular variant of rummy. The game of canasta and several other games are believed to have developed from this popular form of rummy. The distinctive feature of 500 Rum is that each player scores the value of the sets he melds. It may be played by 2 to 8 players, but it is best for 3 to 5. The term "Michigan Rummy" may also refer to an unrelated game involving a playing board, chips, and accumulated pots that are awarded to players who play certain cards.

500 rum is played using a standard French deck and can use 52 cards, or 53-54 cards including one or two jokers. When playing with 5 or more players, a double pack should be substituted for 104-108 cards.

Liverpool Rummy is a multi-player, multi-round card game similar to other variants of rummy that adds features like buying and going out. It's the same as Contract Rummy, except that if a player manages to cut the exact number of cards required to deal the hand and leave a face-up card, then the cutting player's score is reduced by 50 points.

The game is played with multiple (typically 2, for four to five players, 3 decks for more) standard 52-card packs of playing cards. The ranking from low-to-high is A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A. Aces can be low or high.


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