When does the small game hunting season start in Pennsylvania 4C?


In PA, rabbit, pheasant and bobwhite quail hunting season is from Oct. 24 to Nov. 28. The squirrel and ruffed grouse season is Oct. 17 to Nov. 28 and Dec. 14 to 23. Every hunter must purchase a valid hunting license before hunting small-game.

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Ortyx virginiana (Jardine, 1834)

Animals in sport are a specific form of working animals. Many animals, at least in more commercial sports, are highly trained. Two of the most common animals in sport are horses and dogs.

The Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus) is a medium-sized grouse occurring in forests from the Appalachian Mountains across Canada to Alaska. It is non-migratory.

The Ruffed Grouse is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a "partridge", an unrelated phasianid, and occasionally confused with the Grey Partridge, a bird of open areas rather than woodlands.

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Upland game bird is an American term which refers to those non-water fowl game birds hunted with pointing breeds, flushing spaniels, and retrievers.

As of 2013 the population of upland game birds such as pheasants had been falling in agricultural states such as Iowa where increased commodity prices for crops such as corn had resulted in reductions in game habitat in acreage set aside in the Conservation Reserve Program. A significant reduction in the number of hunters over the previous 20 years was also reported.

Upland Hunting is an American term for a form of bird hunting in which the hunter pursues upland birds including quail, pheasant, grouse, woodcock, prairie chicken, chukar, grey partridge, and others. Upland birds tend to be found on the ground in heavy cover, so hunters generally employ the use of gun dogs to locate and retrieve game.

Depending upon their method of work, some dogs point game and some flush game. When flushed, either by the hunter or the dog, the hunter then attempts to shoot the birds on the wing. This is also known as wingshooting.

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