When did "Sittin' at a bar by rehab" first come out? Is there a new remix that came out recently?


I was unable to confirm the release date of the song.

More Info:

"Bartender Song (Sittin' at a Bar)" is a song by American southern rock group Rehab. It was released in May 2008 as the third single from their album, Graffiti the World. It was the band's first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, at #64.

The song originally appeared as Sittin' at a Bar on the band's 2000 album Southern Discomfort, released by Epic Records. The band were subsequently dropped by Epic in 2002, but the song became an underground hit on the internet and on jukeboxes. Rehab were later signed by Universal Records, with Avery Lipman (Co-President of Universal) describing the single as a "viral phenomenon" and stating that he had signed the band based on the success of their jukebox airplay,

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