What were the most commonly used names of the 19th century?


Common girl names of 19th century: Mary(still #1 today), Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, Jane, Hannah, Emma, Eliza, Ellen, & Harriet.

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The Quincy family /ˈkwɪnzi/ was a prominent political family in the United States during the mid-17th century through early 20th century and is connected to the Adams family through Abigail Adams.

The family estate was in Mount Wollaston, first independent, then part of Braintree, Massachusetts, and now the city of Quincy. The remaining pieces of the Quincy homestead are the Josiah Quincy House and the Dorothy Quincy Homestead, after the land was broken up into building lots called Wollaston Park in the 19th century and the Josiah Quincy Mansion was demolished in 1969.

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