What time does the University Of Tennessee play football?


The Vols play at 6:00 PM tomorrow. GO VOLS!

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The 1999 AFL Ansett Australia Cup was the Australian Football League Pre-season Cup competition played in its entirety before the Australian Football League's 1999 Premiership Season began. It culminated the Final in March 1999. 1. Hawthorn
2. Port Adelaide
3. Western Bulldogs
4. St. Kilda
5. Kangaroos
6. Brisbane
7. Richmond
8. Sydney
9. Collingwood
10. Essendon
11. Melbourne
12. West Coast
13. Adelaide
14. Fremantle
15. Geelong
16. Carlton
Mason L. "Red" Cashion is a former American football official. He started officiating in 1952 while attending Texas A&M University, and then worked for various high school and college football conferences, most notably the Southwest Conference. From 1972 to 1997, he officiated in the National Football League (NFL), and was the referee in Super Bowl XX and Super Bowl XXX. Cashion began his career as a line judge in 1972 before being promoted to referee in 1976 upon the retirement of long-time referee Norm Schachter. He wore uniform number 43 for most of his career. During the 1979-1981 seasons, when officials were numbered separately by positions instead of having one number assigned to each official, he wore number 8. Cashion is known by NFL players, coaches, and fans for his signature first down call in which he would enthusiastically drawl "First dowwwwwn!" out to the crowd. In a 1997 interview with The Sporting News, he said, "I don't know of any time that started it or stopped it. It was just something that sort of evolved and been there ever since". Cashion's promotion to referee came just one season after the NFL began equipping referees with wireless microphones to explain penalty calls and complex rulings to fans in the stadium, members of the media, and the television audience at home. Cashion was inducteed into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 1999. He also provided the voice of the referee for several versions of the Madden NFL video game.
WCVH (90.5 FM) is a radio station broadcasting from Hunterdon Central Regional High School. The station first went on the air in April 1974. The station features country music and specialty programming. Starting in 2007, the station began airing play-by-play for Hunterdon Central Football and Basketball. From 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM on school nights, the station is run by student DJs who work in pairs of two or three for 2 hour shifts. The shifts are from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The students are able to learn about radio operations while practicing it themselves.

The 1998 AFL Ansett Australia Cup was the Australian Football League competition played in its entirety before the Australian Football League's 1998 Premiership Season began. It culminated the Final in March 1998. The AFL National Cup is also sometimes referred to as the pre-season cup because it is played in its entirety before the Premiership Season begins.
1. North Melbourne
2. St. Kilda
3. Melbourne
4. Brisbane
5. Western Bulldogs
6. Essendon
7. Adelaide
8. West Coast
9. Richmond
10. Sydney
11. Port Adelaide
12. Fremantle
13. Carlton
14. Geelong
15. Hawthorn
16. Collingwood
RT30 (formerly RT40) is a weekly music countdown of 99.5 RT. It is hosted by Inka & airs every Fridays 3pm - 6pm, with replays every Sunday 3am - 6am. It began in 2001 as RT40. At that time, it was hosted by veteran DJ Jeremiah Junior. People can call to either vote or thrash (put the song out of the countdown) songs. In 2004, it set up Up and Coming, which brings a set of 3 new songs every week. At the same year, it split into two: RT Top 10 Biggies, which aired daily top 10 requested songs, and the RT40, which aired weekly top 40 requested songs every Saturdays. RT10 discontinued in 2005. RT40 had its last countdown last Dec. 15, 2006, 2 weeks before it rebranded to 99.5 Hit FM. 5 months after the revival of 99.5 RT in 2008, it revived as RT30 & now plays weekly top 30 requested songs. Nowadays, people can vote through its website, phone, text & Facebook. RT30 had its last countdown last Oct. 24, 2012, a month and a half before RT rebranded to 99.5 Play FM. Its last #1 was The Killers's "Runaways".
Hour of Decision is a weekly radio broadcast by the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham. Graham began it with a few of his own dollars and ties with a radio station through a friend at his old church. As more and more people listened to the show, donations poured in to keep the show on the air. The show aired for fifty years and changed countless lives. The first broadcast aired November 5, 1950, as a live radio program featuring Graham's message "Revival", and was directed by Cliff Barrows. A television version aired on ABC Television in the 1953-54 television season. The show airs on many stations of varying formats on Sunday mornings. Contrary to the title, the program is only 30 minutes long.
Gordon McCarter (May 26, 1931 − December 20, 2002) was an American football official in the National Football League (NFL) from 1967 to 1995. He joined the NFL as a line judge and back judge (now known as the field judge) in 1967 before being promoted to referee with the start of the 1974 NFL season when Jack Reader was named Assistant Supervisor of Officials at NFL headquarters in New York City. McCarter is most likely remembered for a 1995 game in which Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher stuffed a Polaroid photo in McCarter's uniform pocket while leaving the field. McCarter wore the uniform number 48 for the majority of his career. McCarter was a 1954 graduate of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and was the star fullback and team captain on the school's football team in 1954 and also worked for the university from 1963 to 1977 as director of alumni affairs and registrar. After officiating at school football games and amateur track meets, McCarter joined the NFL in 1967 and later was in charge of several disputed games during his last years in the league. McCarter retired from the NFL following the 1995 NFL season. McCarter died on December 20, 2002, in Cleveland at the age of 71. McCarter was the referee in a regular season game between the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers on September 24, 1995 at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. Just before halftime on a Minnesota field goal attempt, line judge Ben Montgomery called a penalty on Pittsburgh for having 12 players on the field, a violation of the rules. Minnesota was able to score a field goal as a result of the penalty. Pittsburgh head coach Bill Cowher counted 11 players on the field, and in disgust, printed a photo to prove that 11 players were on the field. At halftime, Cowher ran by McCarter as they were going to the locker room and shoved a photo in McCarter's shirt pocket to show the referee the evidence. League rules did not allow using photographic evidence to overturn calls. The NFL later agreed that the officials miscounted the number of Pittsburgh players on the field and fined both McCarter and Montgomery a game's pay, $4,009 and $2,826 respectively. According to the Wall Street Journal, these were the largest fines ever for an American sports official. Cowher also was fined $7,500 for his actions. McCarter was the referee for the 1985 Monday Night Football game between the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins at the Orange Bowl in Miami. The Bears came into the week 13 game undefeated, but were beaten by the Dolphins for their only loss of the season.
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