What time does the University of kentucky play football tonight?


Tonight 10/24/09 University of Kentucky vs. Louisiana-Monroe in Lexington, Ky. Game starts at 7:00 p.m. ET

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University of Kentucky vs. Louisiana-Monroe the University of kentucky Lexington

Coordinates: 38.033°N 84.500°W / 38.033; -84.500 / 38°02′N 84°30′W

The University of Kentucky (UK) is a public co-educational university in Lexington, Kentucky. Founded in 1865 by John Bowman as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, the university is one of the state's two land-grant universities, the largest college or university in the state, with 28,094 students as of Fall 2011, and the highest ranked research university in the state according to U.S. News and World Report.

Louisiana Kentucky

The Kentucky–Mississippi State football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Kentucky Wildcats football team of the University of Kentucky and Mississippi State Bulldogs football team of Mississippi State University. Both universities have been members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) since its founding in December 1932. When the SEC expanded to twelve teams and split into two divisions in 1992, Kentucky was placed in the SEC Eastern Division and Mississippi State in the SEC Western Division, and their football teams became annual cross-divisional rivals. Historically, the rivalry began in 1914, predating the SEC's first football season in 1933 by nineteen years. The rivalry is one of the most evenly matched in the SEC, with Kentucky officially leading the series 21-20 (Mississippi State leads 21-20 on the field).

Kentucky victories are shaded ██ blue. Mississippi State victories are shaded ██ maroon. Forfeits/Vacancies are shaded ██ gray.

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Comparison of the two universities

The Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals, athletic programs for the most prominent universities in Kentucky, are sport rivals. The teams first played each other in 1912 (football) and 1913 (basketball). The yearly men's basketball game is called the Battle for the Bluegrass and the yearly football game is played for the Governor's Cup trophy. Many of the schools' other sports teams also play annually despite the fact that the teams are not in the same conference.

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