What part of a catfish can you eat?


Catfish have tough skin that is inedible, but just about every other part is edible. However, most people just eat the fillets, or muscle, and not the organs. Catfish can be baked, broiled, fried or sauteed.

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The redtail catfish, Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, is a pimelodid (long-whiskered) catfish named for its orange-red caudal fin. In Venezuela it is known as cajaro and in Brazil it is known as pirarara. It is the only extant species of the genus Phractocephalus. This fish originates from South America in the Amazon, Orinoco, and Essequibo river basins. Despite reaching 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) in length and 80 kg (180 lb) in weight, this fish is a common aquarium fish.This fish also has a hybrid with the Tiger Shovelnose Catfish.

Although the redtail catfish is the only living representative of this genus, there are other members that date back to the upper Miocene. P. nassi was described in 2003, and is from Urumaco, Venezuela. Another undescribed member is known to exist from Acre, Brazil. This genus has a minimum age of about 13.5 million years.

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