What is wrong with the wiring if a starter spins but the bendix doesn't engage?


If the starter is just spinning without kicking up, it could be as simple as a weak battery. If it is kicking up high enough to engage the flywheel gear, the bendix gear might be worn. Bendix gears are easy to replace and won't cost a fortune.

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A Bendix drive is a type of engagement mechanism used in starter motors of internal combustion engines. The device allows the pinion gear of the starter motor to engage or disengage the flywheel of the engine automatically when the starter is powered or when the engine fires, respectively. It is named after its inventor, Vincent Hugo Bendix.

The Bendix system places the starter drive pinion on a helical drive spring. When the starter motor begins turning, the inertia of the drive pinion assembly causes it to wind the spring forcing the length of the spring to change and engage with the ring gear. When the engine starts, backdrive from the ring gear causes the drive pinion to exceed the rotative speed of the starter, at which point the drive pinion is forced back and out of mesh with the ring gear.

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