What is the UTA bus phone number?


UTA: Salt Lake Area: RIDE-UTA (743-3882). In State: 1-888- RIDE-UTA (743-3882). You have yourself a great day! AnswerParty on!

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1-888- RIDE-UTA

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is the provider of public transportation throughout the Wasatch Front of Utah, United States, which includes the metropolitan areas of Ogden, Park City, Provo, Salt Lake City and Tooele. It operates fixed route buses, express buses, ski buses, three light rail lines (TRAX), a steetcar line (S Line—to open in December 2013), and a commuter rail train (the FrontRunner) from Ogden through Salt Lake City to Provo. UTA is headquartered in South Salt Lake with operations and garages in locations throughout the Wasatch Front, including West Jordan, Ogden, and Orem. Light rail vehicles are stored and maintained at yards at another location in South Salt Lake and in Midvale. UTA’s commuter rail equipment is stored and serviced at a facility in Salt Lake City.

All of UTA's TRAX and FrontRunner trains and stations, as well as all fixed route buses, are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act and are therefore accessible to those with disabilities. In accordance with the Utah Clean Air Act and UTA ordinance, "smoking is prohibited on UTA vehicles as well as UTA bus stops, TRAX stations, and FrontRunner stations".

The Utah Transit Authority Public Safety Department is the law enforcement arm of the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) transit district. UTA is a public transit district government agency made up of the participating municipalities, counties, and the State of Utah. The UTA Public Safety Department is responsible for law enforcement services, crime investigations, crime prevention, and public safety throughout the light rail, commuter rail and bus transit systems, within the UTA transit district.


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