What is the strongest kick ever recorded?


The spinning back kicks is the strongest kick ever recorded. The spinning back kick can exert enough force to know 3 people down at one time.

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The 360 Crescent is a martial arts kick that received its name from the motion of the kick itself. It is also sometimes called, 360 kick, or Jump spin kick.]citation needed[ The practitioner jumps into the air and executes a 360 degree turn while keeping his or her body perpendicular to the ground. As soon as the kicker leaves the ground the kicking leg should be extended as straight and high as possible. The kicking leg is normally the same side as the direction that the practitioner is spinning. For example, it will be the right leg if the practitioner is spinning to the right or the left leg if the practitioner is spinning to the left.

The different variations depend solely on the position of the hips and the direction the toes of the kicking foot are pointing. The mechanics to all the variations are basically unchanged from what is described above.

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