What is the schedule for the South Carolina Gamecocks college football team this year?


SC Gamecocks game schedule: Sat., Sep 18 Furman; Sat. Sep 25 @Auburn; Sat. Oct 9 Alabama; Sat. Oct 16 @Kentucky; Sat., Oct 23 @Vanderbilt; Sat., Oct 30 Tennessee; Sat., Nov 6 Arkansas; Sat., Nov 13 @Florida; Sat., Nov 20 Troy; Sat., Nov 27 @Clemson

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The University of South Carolina's 19 varsity sports teams are known as the "Gamecocks". The unique moniker is held in honor of Thomas Sumter, a South Carolina war hero who was given the name "The Carolina Gamecock" during the American Revolution for his fierce fighting tactics, regardless of his physical stature or the size of his regiment. A British General commented that Sumter "fought like a gamecock." While the men have traditionally been the Fighting Gamecocks and the women were previously the Lady Gamecocks, this distinction was discontinued in part to help eliminate gender bias in their athletic department, and to discount the oft-held misconception that their mascot is meant to honor/promote animal bloodsport in any way.

Alabama Tennessee Arkansas Troy


The South Carolina Gamecocks men's soccer team represents the University of South Carolina and competes in Conference USA. The team has been coached by Mark Berson since its inception in 1978 and has participated in 20 NCAA Tournaments, reaching the Quarterfinals on four occasions. Since 1981, South Carolina has played its home games at Stone Stadium, which is affectionately called "The Graveyard" by South Carolina fans due to an adjoining cemetery.

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