What is the phone number of the Pizza Hut on New Circle Road in Lexington, KY?


Pizza Hut 410 E New Circle Rd Lexington, KY 40505 (859) 389-4888 Thanks and keep on AnswerParty-ing!

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Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes including salad, pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, garlic bread and desserts

Corporately known as Pizza Hut, Inc., it is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., the world's largest restaurant company.

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Kentucky Route 4 marker

New Circle Road, also known as Kentucky Route 4, is a Kentucky state highway that serves as an inner beltway around Lexington, which is part of the consolidated city-county government with Fayette County.

Lexington is the second-largest city in Kentucky and the 62nd largest in the United States. Known as the "Horse Capital of the World", it is located in the heart of Kentucky's Bluegrass region. In the 2012 US Census Estimate, the city's population was 305,489, anchoring a metropolitan area of 472,099 people and a combined statistical area of 687,173 people.

Lexington ranks tenth among US cities in college education rate, with 39.5% of residents having at least a bachelor's degree. It is the location of the Kentucky Horse Park, The Red Mile and Keeneland race courses, Rupp Arena, the world's largest basketball-specific arena, Transylvania University, the University of Kentucky and Bluegrass Community & Technical College.

Kentucky Route 57 marker

Kentucky Route 57 is an 80.709-mile (129.889 km) long state highway in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The western terminus is at KY 4 (New Circle Road) in eastern Lexington. The eastern terminus is at KY 8 on the banks of the Ohio River in Concord. The road runs generally southwest to northeast.

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Elongated circle 300.svg KY 300 in Parksville
US 127.svgUS 150.svg US 127 US 150 bypass west of Danville
US 150.svgElongated circle 52.svg US 150 KY 52 in Danville

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Lexington Kentucky

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