What is the phone number for the Little Caesars in Cornila,?


Little Caesars Pizza 2160 Highway 441 N # 3, Cornelia, GA 30531 (706) 776-6550

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(706) 776-6550 Georgia Cornelia

The Detroit Caesars were a professional softball team that began play in the American Professional Slow Pitch Softball League (APSPL) in 1977, the first of three professional softball leagues.

Prior to formalized professional play, Detroit was a hotbed for softball, with some of the best players in the country playing in the most competitive amateur leagues to be found in the US. A major sponsor of softball in the Detroit area was Little Caesar's Pizza, a company founded and owned by Mike Ilitch, a former Detroit Tigers farmhand and current owner of the MLB team. The Caesars were his first step into professional sports ownership.

Little Caesars is a pizza chain, estimated to be the third largest in the United States. The Little Caesars headquarters is located in the Fox Theatre building in Downtown Detroit, Michigan.


Pizza Pizza Limited is a franchised Canadian pizza fast-food restaurant, with its headquarters in Etobicoke, Toronto. Its restaurants are mainly located in the province of Ontario. Other locations operate in Quebec, Nova Scotia, and in western Canada. Franchises in western Canada are mostly run through Alberta-based subsidiary Pizza 73, and in non-traditional locations such as university campuses and movie theatres throughout Canada. It has over 500 locations, including over 150 non-traditional locations.

The chain, founded and owned by Michael Overs, opened its first location on December 31, 1967, at the corner of Wellesley and Parliament Streets in Toronto. It expanded throughout the Toronto area in the 1970s, and throughout the rest of Ontario throughout the 1980s and 1990s. The chain opened in the Montreal area in late 2007 with locations in the Montreal boroughs of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Pierrefonds-Roxboro, although the very first Pizza Pizza restaurant to open in Quebec was located in Gatineau, and opened its doors in March of the same year. Starting 2012, the total revenue of Pizza Pizza in this province accounts for 21% of the market, leaving place to first and second chains being Domino's and Pizza Hut with 30% and 23% respectively, but coming third well after Double Pizza, whose revenue is now only 15%, as compared to 26% in 2006 (just before Pizza Pizza was introduced).


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