What is the phone number for papa johns on colfax st. in Denver Colorado?


Papa John's Pizza, 1111 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80218. Phone (303) 860-7272

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The geography of the state of Colorado is diverse, encompassing both rugged mountainous terrain, vast plains, desert lands, desert canyons, and mesas. The state of Colorado is defined as the geospherical rectangle that stretches from 37°N to 41°N latitude and from 102°03'W to 109°03'W longitude (25°W to 32°W from the Washington Meridian). Colorado is one of only three U.S. states (with Wyoming and Utah) that have only lines of latitude and longitude for boundaries.

The summit of Mount Elbert at 4401 meters (14,440 ft) elevation in Lake County is the state's highest point and the highest point in the entire Rocky Mountains. Colorado has approximately 550 mountain peaks that exceed 4000 meters (13,123 ft) elevation. Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above 1000 meters (3281 ft) elevation. The state's lowest elevation is 1010 meters (3315 ft) at the point on the eastern boundary of Yuma County where the Arikaree River flows into the state of Kansas.

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Papa John's Pizza is the third largest take-out and delivery pizza restaurant chain in the United States behind Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza, according to Pizza Today magazine with headquarters in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, near Louisville. Its slogan is "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John's."

Internationally, there are over 4,000 Papa John's establishments, including over 3,200 in the U.S. and the remainder spread among 32 other countries. In September 2012, Papa John's Pizza opened its 4,000th restaurant, in New Hyde Park, NY. The company celebrated the event by giving away 4,000 free pizzas to customers throughout New York City.


West Colfax is a neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The neighborhood is located in the West Denver area. According to the Piton Foundation, in 2007, the population of the neighborhood was 11,285, and there were 3,958 housing units.

John Francis Campion (1849–1916) was the wealthy owner of several hard rock mines in the Leadville, Colorado area. After 1900, he made a second fortune growing sugar beets. The community of Campion, Colorado is named after him. Campion is a somewhat obscure figure today, but was well known in his day. His big gold strike at the Little Jonny Mine in Leadville made him and his partners rich. He had help engineering the dig from James J. Brown, whose wife Margaret "Molly" Brown won fame in the sinking of the great liner Titanic. Campion was partnered with industrialist Charles Boettcher in ventures including mining in Leadville, the formation of the Great Western Sugar Company and the co-founding of the Ideal Cement Company. Campion was also an owner (with Boettcher) of the Leadville Light and Power Company and the Western Meat Packing Company, and once owned the Herald-Democrat newspaper.

After moving his family to Denver, he was named president of the Denver Chamber of Commerce, and was influential in helping to build the Denver Municipal Auditorium in time for the 1908 Democratic Convention. He was a founder and president of the Denver Art League - a precursor to the Denver Art Museum. Campion was a co-founder of the Denver Museum of Natural History (now the Museum of Nature & Science) and his donated gold collection is on display at the museum. He also gave money, along with James J Brown, Dennis Sheedy and others, toward the purchase of land for the construction of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Denver, at Colfax Ave. and Logan St. The bell in the east tower is dedicated to his memory.

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(303) 860-7272 John

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