What is the phone number for 96.5 kiss fm Cleveland, ohio?


Kiss FM WAKS 96.5 - Independence, OH 44131 (216) 578-9650. Remember we are just a cell phone away! AnswerParty

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Cleveland Radio KISS-FM Kiss FM WAKS

The following radio stations broadcast on FM frequency 96.5 MHz:

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Elvis Duran And The Morning Show (formerly known as The Z Morning Zoo) is the name of an American syndicated weekday morning radio program hosted by Elvis Duran. The show originates from the studios of Newark-licensed WHTZ in New York City, a Top 40 outlet branded as "Z100". The show is also syndicated through Premiere Radio Networks in over 75 markets such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, St. Louis and Austin. The live airing of the show is weekdays from 6am-10am Eastern, with Central markets also airing it live from 5am-9am CT, and other time zones further west taking the show on tape delay. A "best of the week" compilation show is also carried on Saturday mornings by most stations.

Joel Murphy (b. September 30, 1974) — better known by his on-air personality Java Joel — is an American radio personality. He hosted a nightly weeknight radio program called The Rubber Room"on WKSC-FM 103.5 Kiss FM in Chicago, Illinois. His show was also heard in other cities such as WKGS/Rochester NY, WAKS/Cleveland, WKST/Pittsburgh, KKRZ/Portland Kiss FM/Tulsa, and Kiss FM/Cincinnati.

The Rubber Room had 3 main members: Java Joel, the host; Jdogg, producer/sidekick; and Silly Jilly, female sidekick. Many other people stopped by the show including Chris Kelly, Alex, Camps, Joe V, and Joey T. In April 2003, The Rubber Room made national headlines after Java interviewed pop singer Justin Timberlake and angered him, which resulted in Timberlake telling Java to "take a valium bi*ch". Java has won numerous awards such as the Silver Dome Award and the Jock Conference Slammer Award.

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(216) 578-9650

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WAKS 96.5 Ohio

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