What is the number to Blount high school mobile alabama?


Mattie T Blount High School - 5450 Lott Road,Eight Mile, AL, Ph: (251) 221-3070, (251) 221-3075

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Mattie Thomas Blount High School is a high school, one of 16 in the Mobile County Public School System. It is located in 8 Mile, Prichard, Alabama.


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Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS) is a school district based in Mobile County, Alabama United States. The system currently serves all areas of Mobile County, including the city of Mobile, with the exception of the cities of Saraland, Satsuma and Chickasaw. Saraland voted to separate its schools from Mobile County in 2006, with Satsuma and Chickasaw following suit in 2012. The system serves urban, suburban, and rural areas. All schools in the system are required to adopt school uniform policies. It is the largest school system in Alabama and the 56th largest school system in the United States.

The current Mobile County Public School System can trace its beginnings to the Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County, created by the Alabama Legislature through an act passed on January 10, 1826. This was the first education board created in Alabama.

Mobile, Alabama, United States

John L. LeFlore Magnet High School of Advanced Communication and Fine Arts is a historic public magnet performing arts high school located in Toulminville, Mobile, Alabama. LeFlore High School offers Drafting, Engineering, Moving Images Dance Company Photography, Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Sculpting & Pottery, Television Productions, and Theatre - with communication, fine arts, performing arts, technical, and career-driven classes. LeFlore Magnet High School is also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. LeFlore currently enrolls 947 students in grades 9-12. LeFlore Magnet High School is a part of the Mobile County Public School System.

Education (251) 221-3070 Mile

Mattie Thomas Blount High School is a high school, one of 16 in the Mobile County Public School System. It is located in 8 Mile, Prichard, Alabama.

(251) 221-3075


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