What is the number to biolife in muncie indiana?


Biolife Plasma Services, 4301 W Bethel Ave, Muncie, IN 47304, number is (765) 288-4301. AnswerParty for now!

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(765) 288-4301 Indiana Indiana


The Cincinnati, Richmond & Muncie Depot (also known as the Wysor Street Depot) is a restored train station in Muncie, Indiana, United States. It was originally built in 1901 and was acquired by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in 1910. The station was used for passenger train service throughout the 20th century and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. It is currently used as a visitor center and office space for the adjacent Cardinal Greenway.

The Geography of Indiana refers to the U.S. State of Indiana. Indiana is in the north-central U.S. and borders on Lake Michigan. Surrounding states are Michigan to the north, Illinois to the west, Kentucky to the south, and Ohio to the east. The entire southern boundary is the Ohio River.

Indiana is bounded on the north by Lake Michigan and the state of Michigan; on the east by Ohio; on the south by Kentucky, with which it shares the Ohio River as a border; and on the west by Illinois. Indiana is one of the Great Lakes states.


Delaware County is a county located in the U.S. state of Indiana. As of 2010, the population was 117,671. The county seat is Muncie. It is part of the Muncie, IN, Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Muncie /ˈmʌnsi/ is a city in Center Township and the county seat of Delaware County in east central Indiana. As of the 2010 Census, the city's population was 70,085. It is the principal city of the Muncie, Indiana, Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of 118,769.

Muncie is widely recognized as the home of Ball State University and the Ball Corporation (1888–1998), subject of the Middletown studies, and the birthplace of Garfield. Due to extensive information collected from the Middletown studies over the last century, Muncie is said to be one of the most studied cities of its size in the United States.

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