What is the mixture with 2 cycle oil and gas for a pocket bike?


A pocket bike that is a 49cc engine takes 25 parts of gas to 1 part of oil (25-1).

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In everyday life a light lubricating oil for lubricating bicycles and similar devices may be called cycle oil.

In the petroleum industry cycle oil is an unwanted liquid residue produced when using catalytic cracking to convert heavy hydrocarbon fractions from earlier stages of refining into more valuable lighter products[1]. Catalytic cracking produces petrol (gasoline), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), unsaturated olefin compounds, cracked gas oils, cycle oil, light gases and a solid coke residue. Cycle oil may be processed further to break it down into more useful products; in particular it may be mixed with heavier products and put through the refining process again (recycled).


The Honda MR50 Elsinore was an off road mini cycle made by Honda. It was available in the USA in 1974 and 1975 only. It was patterned after the CR125 and CR250 Elsinores. Like its big brothers it had spoke wheels, knobby tires, and plastic fenders. The engine was a 49cc, air-cooled, two-stroke with 3 speed manual clutch transmission. Starting was primary kick with the starter on the right side of the bike. The bike used conventional controls just like larger models. The shift pattern was neutral at the bottom and 3 up. Lubrication was premix at 25:1. The exhaust had a spark arrestor. The ignition used points. Parents could limit the speed the rider could go by placing an allen screw in 1 of 4 throttle stops on the throttle.

The 1974 model had an orange tank and fenders. The tank was silver for 1975 with red fenders.

Orange County Choppers bikes are motorcycles featured on the television series American Chopper built by Orange County Choppers (OCC) for a specific corporate or celebrity customer. Theme bikes are motorcycles in which the theme of the motorcycle takes priority over everything else, influencing the frame dimensions, paint scheme, and overall 'feel' of the motorcycle. The function of motorcycle usually takes a backseat to the presentation of the theme, and these motorcycles attract attention solely on the premise of the theme itself. Customer bikes are built for and generally to the specifications of a particular customer. Although the customers typically give OCC creative freedom to do what they will, some clients have a specific idea in mind and expect OCC to reproduce their mental picture literally. Customers use the bikes for promotional purposes at tradeshows or auction them off as a charity fundraiser.

OCC was in the business of building custom motorcycles for individuals before it gained fame building themed projects or was featured on television. OCC has returned to that business while incorporating some of the designs that made them famous. The "Web" production bike is inspired by the "Black Widow" theme bike and other bikes which have incorporated spider webs into the design. The Greeny is an old-school style chopper designed by Paul Senior.]not in citation given[ The OCC Original includes many of the design elements that have made OCC famous including the heavy frame, wide back tire and wide rake on the front forks. The splitback features a unique split gas tank originally conceived from theme bikes on the show. A T-Rex Softail and a T-Rex Rigid were also available in the production series in the past.

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