What is the longest time record of peeing?


The longest pee delivered at one continuous scoot was one of 36 mins 24secs by Mr George Wingfield. WOW! AnswerParty On!

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George Wingfield (August 16, 1876 - December 24, 1959) was a Nevada banker and miner. He was considered to be one of the state's most powerful economic and political figures during the period from 1909 to 1932. Wingfield rose from faro-dealer to the position of richest man in Nevada in less than five years.

He was born at Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1876. His family removed to Oregon when he was five years old, and he became a buckaroo on a ranch in Burns. At age 20, he became a cattle drover in Nevada. He arrived in Tonopah in 1902 and dealt cards at the Tonopah Club. He moved to Winnemucca, where he became friends with United States Senator George S. Nixon. By the age of 30, he made a fortune in Nevada, having mined in Tonopah and Goldfield. With Nixon as his partner, Wingfield was worth $30 million after taking their Goldfield Consolidated Mining Company public in 1906, which had been organized with $50 million in capital. In 1906, his wife, May, filed for divorce; the case ended in an annulment. In 1908, he moved to Reno and became active in politics, banking, ranching, and hotel-keeping. He owned many of the banks in Nevada, as well as several hotels in Reno and an international mining company. He also ran a ranch and dairy farm in Fallon. In 1928, Wingfield was elected to the University Board of Regents for the University of Nevada, but rejected an offer to become a US Senator. Much of Wingfield's fortune was lost during the Great Depression.

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