What is the brady bunch boys names besides peter and greg?


The boys are Peter, Greg, and Bobby. The Dad is Mike. The Mom is Carol. The girls are Jan, Marsha, and Cindy. AnswerParty again!

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The Brady Bunch is an American sitcom created by Sherwood Schwartz that originally aired from September 26, 1969 to March 8, 1974 on ABC. The series revolves around a large blended family which includes six children.

The series aired for a total of five seasons and, after its cancellation in 1974, went into syndication in September 1975. While the series was never a critical or ratings success during its original run, it has since become a popular staple in syndication especially among children and teenage viewers. The Brady Bunch's success in syndication ultimately lead to several reunion films and spin-offs series: The Brady Bunch Hour (1976–77), The Brady Girls Get Married (1981), The Brady Brides (1981) and the 1988 television reunion movie A Very Brady Christmas. The success of the 1988 television movie lead to another spin-off series, The Bradys, that aired on CBS in 1990.

Cindy Greg

"It's a Sunshine Day" is a 1973 song from the popular television sitcom The Brady Bunch. "It's a Sunshine Day" first appeared on the January 26, 1973 episode of The Brady Bunch, entitled "Amateur Night", and performed by The Brady Bunch Kids (composed of the children of the fictional Brady family).

The song was written by Steve McCarthy and featured in the episode's opening act. Solos are performed by Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen, Mike Lookinland and Maureen McCormick, who portray Jan, Cindy, Bobby and Marcia Brady, respectively. Lookinland's solo part occurs twice. Each soloist steps forward to sing his or her part, with the exception of Lookinland's second solo, wherein he remains in linear position with the other singers. As the song concludes, the Brady kids bow in unison with both the music and vocals fading, which gives the impression the song was lip-synched.

The Bradys is a six-episode American drama series that aired on CBS in 1990. It was a revival of the early 1970s sitcom, The Brady Bunch (1969–1974), and was about the trials and tribulations of the extended Brady family some 15 years after the end of the earlier series. It followed two earlier short-lived spin-off/continuation series: The Brady Bunch Hour (1976-77) and The Brady Brides (1981).

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