What is the average of C, C, B, & D?


To find the average of mean, add C,C, B, & D. Then, divide by the number of numbers, in this case 4. (C+C+B+D)/4 is the average.

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Mathematics Means Average Inequality

A Use-Definition Chain (UD Chain) is a data structure that consists of a use, U, of a variable, and all the definitions, D, of that variable that can reach that use without any other intervening definitions. A definition can have many forms, but is generally taken to mean the assignment of some value to a variable (which is different from the use of the term that refers to the language construct involving a data type and allocating storage).

A counterpart of a UD Chain is a Definition-Use Chain (DU Chain), which consists of a definition, D, of a variable and all the uses, U, reachable from that definition without any other intervening definitions.


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