What is revol wireless phone number in indianapolis indiana on keystone avenue?


The phone number for Revol Wireless at 3940 S Keystone Ave # 7, Indianapolis, IN is 317-781-9970 AnswerParty again soon!

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Revol Wireless is a regional wireless carrier based in Independence, Ohio, USA.

Cleveland Unlimited purchased Northcoast PCS in July 2004 from former owner Cablevision.The original Northcoast name was kept in service until 2005, when the Company relaunched with the Revol brand. As of September 2011, holders of the company's formerly outstanding Senior Secured Notes have assumed full ownership of the company. Revol has begun the process of selling its spectrum licenses to Sprint and intends to give its customers 30 days termination notice when the sale is complete.

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Keystone Revol Indianapolis

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Indiana 317-781-9970 wireless phone number


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