What is a good 400 meter time for a high school track runner?


If you are a female you should be around 70 seconds, If you are a male you should probably be under 65 seconds. AnswerParty!

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Sun Yawei (Chinese: 孙雅薇; born 17 October 1987) is a female Chinese track and field athlete who competes in the 100 meter hurdles. She is a two-time gold medallist in the event at the Asian Athletics Championships and won the bronze at the Asian Games in 2010. In China, she is referred to as the "female Liu Xiang", in respect of her more successful hurdling compatriot. Her personal best time is 12.94 seconds, set in July 2011.

Born in Nanchang in Jiangxi Province, she took part in athletics at high school level and began competing at national level in 2007. After winning the 2007 Chinese junior title in the 100 m hurdles, she came third at the World Trials event, improved to second at the Chinese Athletics Championships, then topped the podium at the end of the year at the Chinese City Games. The following year she was third at the Olympic Trials and was again runner-up in the hurdles at the Chinese Championships. She closed 2008 with a personal best run of 13.39 seconds in Zhaoqing.

The 400 metres hurdles is an Olympic athletics event in track and field. On a standard outdoor track, 400 metres is the length of the inside lane once around the stadium. Runners stay in their lanes the entire way after starting out of the blocks and must clear ten hurdles that are evenly spaced around the track. The hurdles are positioned and weighted so that they fall forward if bumped into with sufficient force, to prevent injury to the runners. Although there is no longer any penalty for knocking hurdles over, runners prefer to clear them cleanly, as touching them during the race slows runners down.

The best male athletes can run the 400 m hurdles in a time of around 47 seconds, while the best female athletes achieve a time of around 53 seconds. The current men's and women's world record holders are Kevin Young with 46.78 seconds and Yuliya Pechonkina with 52.34 seconds. Compared to the 400 metres run, the hurdles race takes the men about three seconds longer and the women four seconds longer.


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