What is 85 % of 168?


85 percent of the number 168 is equal to the number 142.8

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State Route 168 marker State Routes in Maine State Route 168 is part of Maine's system of numbered state highways. It runs 10.18 miles (16.38 km) from an intersection with U.S. 2 in Winn to an intersection with State Route 6 in Lee.
84 (eighty-four) is the natural number following 83 and preceding 85. 84 is the sum of the first seven triangular numbers (making it a tetrahedral number), as well as the sum of a twin prime (41 + 43). Being thrice a perfect number, 84 is itself a semiperfect number. 84 is the lim sup of the largest finite subgroup of the mapping class group of a genus g surface divided by g. A hepteract is a seven-dimensional hypercube with 84 penteract 5-faces. Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson holds the record for assists in a 6-game NBA Finals Series (1985) with 84 Eighty-four is also:
Route 168, or Highway 168, may refer to:
Route 168 marker Missouri Highways
Supplemental Route 168 is a highway in northeastern Missouri. Its eastern terminus is at U.S. Route 61 in Hannibal; its western terminus is at Route 15 in Shelbyville.
Route 168 is a bus route in Bucharest, Romania, run by RATB. Since April 2007, all services on the line use low-floor, wheelchair-accessible Mercedes Citaro vehicles. Previously, the route used a variety of other bus models, such as Rocar De Simon U412 and Ikarus 260.
State Route 168 marker State Route 168 is a 17.392-mile (27.990 km) long route in the northeastern part of the state. The western terminus of the route is at its junction with State Route 75 at Douglas. The eastern terminus of the route is at its junction with State Route 68 approximately eight miles northeast of Boaz in southwestern DeKalb County. State Route 168 is aligned along a two-lane road for its duration. From its western origin at Douglas in southeastern Marshall County, the route travels eastwardly as it leads towards Boaz. At Boaz, the route turns northeastwardly, crossing U.S. Highway 431 and leading into DeKalb County. The eastern terminus of the route is at Kilpatrick, an unincorporated community near the border of DeKalb and Marshall Counties. State Route 168 passes several outlet malls near downtown Boaz. The malls are located west of the junction between US-431 and State Route 168.
State Trunk Highway 168 marker State Trunk Highway 168 (often called Highway 168, STH 168 or WIS 168) was a state highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It ran east–west for 5.93 miles (9.54 km) between Nichols and Seymour. Because it paralleled Highways 54 and 156, the road was turned over to Outagamie County control in 2003, and is now designated as County Highway VV.

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