What illness can cause itchiness and stiff neck and headaches?


It is common for headaches to be accompanied with a sore neck and shoulders. Some common problems that cause headaches are MORE

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Also known as "sex headaches coital cephalalgia is a normal

The NIH classification of headaches consists of brief, relatively vague glossary-type definitions of a limited number of headaches.

It outlines five types of headache: vascular, myogenic (muscle tension), cervicogenic, traction, and inflammatory.


Medical diagnosis (often simply termed diagnosis) refers to both the process of attempting to determine or identify a possible disease or disorder (and diagnosis in this sense can also be termed (medical) diagnostic procedure), and to the opinion reached by this process (also being termed (medical) diagnostic opinion). From the point of view of statistics the diagnostic procedure involves classification tests. It is a major component of, for example, the procedure of a doctor's visit.

The history of medical diagnosis began in earnest from the days of Imhotep in ancient Egypt and Hippocrates in ancient Greece. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are four diagnostic methods: inspection, auscultation-olfaction, interrogation, and palpation. A Babylonian medical textbook, the Diagnostic Handbook written by Esagil-kin-apli (fl. 1069-1046 BC), introduced the use of empiricism, logic and rationality in the diagnosis of an illness or disease. The book made use of logical rules in combining observed symptoms on the body of a patient with its diagnosis and prognosis. Esagil-kin-apli described the symptoms for many varieties of epilepsy and related ailments along with their diagnosis and prognosis.hhdsjdkdjsa

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