What does the name Cassie mean?


'Cassie' is a shortened form of Casandra and has Spanish origins. It also means inflaming men with love in Greek.

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Cassie Cassie Spanish Greek Casandra

The Secret Circle is a fictional novel series created by L. J. Smith. The series revolves around twelve teenage witches who form an infamous coven known as 'The Secret Circle'.

On October 28, 2010 L. J. Smith announced that the series had been optioned for a TV series by The CW. On February 27, 2011, The CW picked up The Secret Circle with Dawson's Creek creator and The Vampire Diaries co-creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson attached. However, Williamson told The CW that The Vampire Diaries' companion series he had been helming was put on hold as he did not have enough time for it. Williamson worked on an original script penned by Andrew Miller, creator of the Emmy-nominated web series Imaginary Bitches, with writer credit shared by both men. On February 16, 2011, The Secret Circle booked Liz Friedlander to direct the pilot. Friedlander also directed episodes for The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, 90210 and One Tree Hill.

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