What does te quiero mas que todo mean in Spanish?


The Spanish words te quiero mas que todo translates to "I want to you but that everything" in English. AnswerParty!

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"Muñeca de trapo" (Rag Doll) is the first single from the fourth studio album of La Oreja de Van Gogh, Guapa. The song is known for its heavy sound, strong beat, and surging guitars. Its lyrics, in comparison to other songs by the band, deal with a more serious theme, in which a disregarded woman compares herself to a rag doll when she cannot express her feelings for her loved one, even though she loves him deeply, claiming "eres todo lo que mas quiero, pero te pierdo en mis silencios" (You're the one I most love, but I lose you in my silence).

En Vivo Desde el Teatro Alameda (English Live from Alameda Theatre) is the 12th album by Mexican pop singer Daniela Romo, this is her first and only live album to date. This album was released on 1998 and it was produced by Tina Galindo.[1]



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