What does 'te quiero mas que la vida, usted significa el mundo a m' mean in Spanish?


I want to you but that the life, you mean the world a.m. is the English translation of "te quiero mas que la vida.."

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Spanish grammar is the grammar of the Spanish language (español, castellano), which is a Romance language that originated in north central Spain and is spoken today throughout Spain, some twenty countries in the Americas, and Equatorial Guinea.

Spanish is an inflected language. The verbs are potentially marked for tense, aspect, mood, person, and number (resulting in some fifty conjugated forms per verb). The nouns form a two-gender system and are marked for number. Pronouns can be inflected for person, number, gender (including a residual neuter), and case, although the Spanish pronominal system represents a simplification of the ancestral Latin system.

The Spanish language has a range of pronouns that in some ways work quite differently from English ones. In particular, subject pronouns are often omitted, and object pronouns usually precede the verb.

En Vivo Desde el Teatro Alameda (English Live from Alameda Theatre) is the 12th album by Mexican pop singer Daniela Romo, this is her first and only live album to date. This album was released on 1998 and it was produced by Tina Galindo.[1]


La Academia USA is the first musical reality show with only Hispanic contestants launched by Azteca America in October 2005. The auditions were done nation-wide and a total of 30 people were chosen to go to Mexico where they would have to spend a week working hard and showing all of what they had inside to be chosen to the final 18.

The first La Academia USA concert was on November 20, 2005.


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