What does dushi yu mean in English?


I'm sorry, the Dutch phrase "dushi yu" is either spelled wrong, or incomplete. This phrase will not translate into English.

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A national anthem (also national hymn, national song etc.) is a generally patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation's government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people. The majority of national anthems are either marches or hymns in style. The countries of Latin America tend towards more operatic pieces, while a handful of countries use a simple fanfare.

Aruba Dushi Tera (Aruba Sweet Land) is the national anthem of Aruba. It is a waltz written by Juan Chabaya Lampe and composed by Rufo Wever. It was accepted as the anthem on March 18, 1976. It is written in Papiamento.

Aruba patria aprecia
nos cuna venera
Chikito y simpel bo por ta
pero si respeta.


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