What do symbols on the top of my android phone mean?


To know what the notification symbols at the top of your droid mean, click the menu button from the home screen. This will list the notifications in detail. Check the ones that interest you and delete the rest if you please.

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TI OMAP 3430:
Arm Cortex A8 600 MHz underclocked to 550 MHz

The Motorola Droid (GSM/UMTS version: Motorola Milestone) is an Internet and multimedia enabled smartphone designed by Motorola, which runs Google's Android operating system. The Droid had been publicized under the codenames Sholes and Tao and the model number A855. In Latin America and Europe, the model number is A853 (Milestone), and in Mexico, the model number is A854 (Motoroi).]citation needed[ Due to the ambiguity with newer phones with similar names, it is also commonly known as the DROID 1. The brand name Droid is a trademark of Lucasfilm licensed to Verizon Wireless.

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Notification Center is a feature in iOS and OS X that provides an overview of alerts from applications. It displays notifications until the user completes an associated action, rather than requiring instant resolution. Users may choose what applications appear in Notification Center, and how they are handled. Initially released with iOS 5 in October 2011, Notification Center was made available on Mac as part of OS X Mountain Lion in July 2012.

Notification Center was released in iOS 5 to replace the previous system for dealing with push and local notifications. Instead of interrupting the user with an alert, Notification Center instead displays a banner at the top of the screen. This allows the user to continue using their device, and disappears after a set period of time. All previous notifications are collated into the Notification Center panel, which can be displayed in iOS by dragging down from the status bar, and in OS X by clicking on the notification center button (or using track-pad gestures, swiping from right to left). Notifications may be selected by the user, which redirects the user to the application where the notification was initially created, and marking that alert as read. Once a notification is read, it is removed from the panel. Users may also remove notifications without reading them by deleting individual alerts, or dismissing all of an application's alerts from within the application that is generating them. When an iOS device is locked, new notifications appear on the lock screen, and users may access the application generating an alert by swiping the application's icon with their finger from left to right along the notification.

Android is an operating system for mobile devices that includes a modified versions of the Linux kernel, middleware, and key applications. This page seeks to list and compare hardware devices that are shipped with either Google's Android operating system or its OPhone derivative from China Mobile.

Google announced that in Q3 2011 the total number of Android activations had surpassed 190 million, which was a significant increase from 135 million the previous quarter. The increase was boosted by sales of Android smartphones at lower prices from Chinese and Indian manufacturers. As of 3 September 2013, there have been 1 billion Android devices activated.


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