What color does mixing red and purple make?


If you mixed red and purple, it would be a plum color. Keep AnswerPartying!

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There are numerous variations of the color violet, a sampling of which are shown below.

Color Perception Vision Optics Purple Plum

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Primary colors are sets of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of colors. For human applications, three primary colors are usually used, since human color vision is trichromatic.

For additive combination of colors, as in overlapping projected lights or in CRT displays, the primary colors normally used are red, green, and blue. For subtractive combination of colors, as in mixing of pigments or dyes, such as in printing, the primaries normally used are cyan, magenta, and yellow, though the set of red, yellow, blue is popular among artists. See RGB color model, CMYK color model, and RYB color model for more on these popular sets of primary colors.


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