What am i The more that there is, the less that you see. Squint all you wish when surrounded by me?


The more that there is, the less that you see. Squint all you wish when surrounded by me. You are Darkness!! Chazam!

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Hagioscope Windows Squint Wish

Squint Lake is a small lake in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. It is located southwest of Burnaby Mountain. Squint Lake is surrounded by Burnaby Mountain Golf Course. Squint Lake Park is a park to the north of the lake.

Eagle Creek flows into Squint Lake from the north and continues south eventually flowing into Burnaby Lake. There are two tiny ponds on either side of Squint Lake. Prehistoric fossils have been found in the surrounding mud.At the south end of the lake,there is an underground chute,approximately 4 feet in diameter,that has still never been traced.

Squint Entertainment was a record label owned by Word Entertainment, started in 1997 and run by musician and songwriter Steve Taylor. Squint pushed Sixpence None the Richer to mainstream success with their single "Kiss Me". (The band had been in the CCM genre for several years before that). Other successful bands, such as Chevelle, emerged from Squint's brief creative life.

In an attempt to bring meaningful Christian content to other media, the company started a major film project called St. Gimp. The project was abandoned when Taylor was forced out of the company leadership.

In journalism, a human interest story is a feature story that discusses a person or people in an emotional way. It presents people and their problems, concerns, or achievements in a way that brings about interest, sympathy or motivation in the reader or viewer.

Human interest stories may be "the story behind the story" about an event, organization, or otherwise faceless historical happening, such as about the life of an individual soldier during wartime, an interview with a survivor of a natural disaster, a random act of kindness or profile of someone known for a career achievement.


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