Is Johnny Knoxville married and does he have kids?


Johnny Knoxville has one daughter named Madison. He was married for 12 years and recently filed for divorce. AnswerParty!

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Philip John Clapp, known by his stage name Johnny Knoxville (born March 11, 1971), is an American daredevil, actor, comedian, screenwriter and film producer. He is best known as a creator and cast member of the MTV series Jackass.


Knoxville is a city in the U.S. state of Tennessee, and the county seat of Knox County. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 178,874, making it the state's third largest city. Knoxville is the principal city of the Knoxville Metropolitan Statistical Area, which in 2012 had an estimated population of 848,350. The KMSA is in turn the central component of the Knoxville-Sevierville-La Follette Combined Statistical Area, which in 2000 had a population of 1,029,155.

First settled in 1786, Knoxville was the first capital of Tennessee. The city struggled with geographic isolation throughout the early 19th century, though the arrival of the railroad in 1855 led to an economic boom. During the Civil War, the city was bitterly divided over the secession issue, and was occupied alternately by both Confederate and Union armies. Following the war, Knoxville grew rapidly as a major wholesaling and manufacturing center. The city's economy stagnated after the 1920s as the manufacturing sector collapsed, the Downtown area declined, and city leaders became entrenched in highly partisan political fights. Hosting the 1982 World's Fair helped reinvigorate the city, and revitalization initiatives by city leaders and private developers have had some success.

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Coordinates: 35.972882°N 83.942161°W / 35.972882; -83.942161 / 35°58′22″N 83°56′32″W

The Knoxville metropolitan area is the metropolitan area centered around Knoxville, Tennessee, the largest city in East Tennessee.

The Mabry-Hazen House is an historic home located on a 5-acre (2.0 ha) site at 1711 Dandridge Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee. Also known as the Evelyn Hazen House or the Joseph Alexander Mabry, Jr. House, when constructed in 1858 for Joseph Alexander Mabry, Jr. it was named Pine Hill Cottage. The house was in what was then the separate town of East Knoxville. Stylistically, the house exhibits both Italianate and Greek Revival elements. Having operated as a museum since the death of Evelyn Hazen, it has the good fortune of containing its original furniture, as well as a collection of antique china and crystal. The present site consists of 8 acres (32,000 m2) on top of Mabry Hill. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At the outset of the American Civil War, Joseph Mabry, Jr., a wealthy Knoxville merchant and importer, outfitted an entire regiment of Confederate soldiers at an estimated personal cost of $100,000.00. He was given the honorary title of General in the Confederate army due to this philanthropic assistance. During the course of the war, both Union and Confederate forces occupied the strategic site adjacent to Fort Hill. Confederate General Felix Zollicoffer set up his headquarters in the house in 1861, but it was Union forces who had the greatest impact when they fortified the grounds as part of their Knoxville defenses after later taking control of Mabry Hill.

Thomas B. "Tommy" Hensley (July 30, 1932–October 30, 1994) was an American football official in the National Football League (NFL) from 1967 to 1987. During his time in the NFL, he was selected as the umpire for Super Bowl XIX in 1985. He wore uniform number 19 during his NFL career, which is now worn by Scott Green.

He attended Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee where he was inducted into the Wall of Fame in November 2009. He played football at the University of Tennessee for the years. His teammates at UT included Doug Atkins and Johnny Majors.

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