Is a king size bed 76 wide by 80 tall?


A King size bed is 76 x 80 inches (or 198 x 203 cm) a California King is 72 x 84 inches (or 182 x 213 cm). AnswerParty on!

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Bed size refers to the dimensions of a mattress and the names by which standard sizes are called. Beds themselves vary widely in size according to the size of the frame and degree of ornamentation but are sold according to the size of mattress they take. The dimensions and names vary considerably around the world, with most countries having their own standards and terminology.

Modern sizes in metric system countries are 200 centimetres (79 in) long.]citation needed[ The traditional "double" size standard among English speaking countries, based on Imperial units, is 4'6" by 6'3" (54 by 75 inches (137 by 191 cm)),]citation needed[ but the sizes for other bed types tend to vary.


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