If I work for eight dollars a hour how much do I make every second?


If you make $8 an hour then you would make $.00222222 a second.

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Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) is a Christian outreach ministry affiliated with the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Lutheran Church - Canada and Lutheran Women in Mission (LWML). Its mission is "Bringing Christ to the Nations--and the Nations to the Church." LHM's radio program, The Lutheran Hour, is one of the longest running Christian radio broadcasts, was at one time the most-syndicated, and the speakers were some of the most-heard preachers of the 20th century. The supporters of The Lutheran Hour helped its founding organization, the International Lutheran Laymen's League, become a multi-million dollar Christian missionary foundation.

Today, Lutheran Hour Ministries produces Christian radio and TV programming for broadcast, as well as Internet and print communications, dramas, music, and outreach materials. It has ministry centers in dozens of countries around the world.

The eight-hour day movement or 40-hour week movement, also known as the short-time movement, had its origins in the Industrial Revolution in Britain, where industrial production in large factories transformed working life. The use of child labour was common. The working day could range from 10 to 16 hours for six days a week.

Robert Owen had raised the demand for a ten-hour day in 1810, and instituted it in his socialist enterprise at New Lanark. By 1817 he had formulated the goal of the eight-hour day and coined the slogan Eight hours labour, Eight hours recreation, Eight hours rest. Women and children in England were granted the ten-hour day in 1847. French workers won the 12-hour day after the February revolution of 1848. A shorter working day and improved working conditions were part of the general protests and agitation for Chartist reforms and the early organization of trade unions.

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