If he's still with her even though he wants me. He's afraid of her and afraid to leave her even though she plays him all the time. What should I do?


The best thing for you to do is talk to him about the situation and see what he thinks he should do

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Franklin and the Green Knight (also known as Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie) was the first ever Franklin movie, released direct to video and DVD in 2000. It has since aired on Noggin and Nick Jr. in the United States, and Canada's Family Channel.

Franklin is excited about the coming of spring, because his parents have told him he'll become a big brother then. After talking with his friends about it, though, he begins to have mixed feelings. His mother reads a tale known throughout Woodland called The Quest of the Green Knight and Franklin decides to go on his own quest to end the unusually long winter, with his friend Snail as his squire.

Jonathan Randall and Tammy Layne Winslow Randall, portrayed by Tom Pelphrey and Stephanie Gatschet, are fictional characters on the American soap opera Guiding Light. The pair, often referred to by the portmanteau "Jammy", is one of the show's supercouples. They were controversial as the characters were first half-cousins, being the children of half-sisters born to the same mother.

Jonathan Randall and Tammy Winslow met when Jonathan arrived in Springfield as "JB". Tammy had just broken up with her boyfriend and JB made many attempts to flirt with her. At the same time, Sandy Foster, who was believed to be Reva's son, Jonathan, was having flashbacks of his friend, the real Jonathan Randall, flashbacks centered around Jonathan's death when he fell from a cliff, despite Sandy's attempt to rescue him. When Tammy's boyfriend had finally left, JB took advantage of the situation and attempted to seduce Tammy, knowing full well he was the real Jonathan Randall, Tammy's cousin. However, no one knew this, especially not Tammy. Luckily, the pair was interrupted by Reva, who took an immediate dislike to JB. Later, a dangerous JB returned to Tammy, but she decided to wait to have sex.

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