How quick after the miscarriage will you start bleeding if your only 3 months?


After a miscarriage bleeding can start right away or it may take several weeks to expel the fetus fully. Please see your doctor.

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Obstetrical hemorrhage refers to heavy bleeding during pregnancy, labor, or the puerperium. Bleeding may be vaginal and external, or, less commonly but more dangerously, internal, into the abdominal cavity. Typically bleeding is related to the pregnancy itself, but some forms of bleeding are caused by other events. Obstetrical hemorrhage is a major cause of maternal mortality.

The most common bleeding event is the loss of a pregnancy, a miscarriage, medically also called a spontaneous abortion. Bleeding from an early miscarriage may be similar to that of a heavy menstruation, but later on, a pregnancy loss may be accompanied by excessive or prolonged bleeding. A physician may propose to perform a D&C for treatment. An ectopic pregnancy which implies a pregnancy outside the uterus commonly in the tube may lead to bleeding, internally, that could be fatal if untreated.


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