How often should you use your grunt call when deer hunting?


They claim a grunt call works the best if you can see the buck . AnswerParty and good luck

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Deer hunting is survival hunting or sport hunting for deer, which dates back tens of thousands of years. There are numerous types of deer throughout the world that are hunted.

New Zealand has had 10 species of deer (Cervidae) introduced. From the 1850s Red deer were liberated, followed by Fallow, Sambar, Wapiti, Sika, Rusa, and White-tail. The introduced herds of Axis and Moose failed to grow, and have become extinct. In the absence of predators to control populations, deer were thought to be a pest due to their effect on native vegetation. From the 1950s the government employed professional hunters to cull the deer population. Deer hunting is now a recreational activity, organised and advocated for at the national level by the New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association.

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A duck call may refer to either the process by which a hunter lures waterfowl, or the actual tool which he or she uses to do so.

Duck calling is the process in which a hunter uses a tool also known as a "duck call" to emulate the sound of a duck as a means to draw them closer.


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