How often should you put aloe vera on a sunburn?


You can apply aloe vera lotion on your sunburn every few hours. You can also apply it more frequently when it begins itching.

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Medicinal plants have been identified and used throughout human history. Toxic plants even have use in pharmaceutical development. Angiosperms (flowering plants) were the original source of most plant medicines. Some herbs and spices come from flowering plants.

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Aloe petricola belongs to the Aloe genus in the Xanthorrhoeaceae family, and is commonly known as a stone aloe. This particular aloe is a flowering species with unique and distinct inflorescences, which make the plant easy to identify and distinguish from other Aloe plants. Aloe petricola is very popular for gardening because of its beautiful and radiant colors. Like many Aloe species, Aloe petricola is used for medical purposes, as it aids in healing wounds and minor burns.

Aloe petricola is a medium sized plant that grows fairly low to the ground. This plant reaches anywhere from 18-24 inches in height and can reach a little over a meter in width, while its inflorescences can reach about 4 feet, surpassing the height of the plant's fleshy leaves. This succulent plant is virtually stemless and has rosettes of blue-green colored leaves. These leaves contain thorns on their surfaces and have short, triangular toothed margins. A mature plant can have up to six branches of flowers, which are long, skinny, densely flowered racemes, carried on stout stems. The inflorescences are tightly packed with dark brown antlers, and typically include at least two colors, usually a deep red towards the top where the buds are seen, and cream-yellow color at the bottom towards the base, reaching the stem of the flower. Flowers on the Aloe petricola plant are tube-shaped and about 30mm long. The colors on these plants are bright and vibrant, and they change as they begin to open, revealing more of the yellow color towards the bottom.

Aloe gracilis (or the Rocket Aloe) is a climbing aloe, endemic to the area around the city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Its natural range lies just to the west of the related climbing aloe Aloe ciliaris, and it occurs in bushy fynbos and thickets, and clustered on rocky outcrops at all altitudes.

Its thin stems grow tall and erect from its base on the ground, often reaching 2 meters in length, and branching near the base. When it is not climbing on other vegetation or fences, the mass of semi-erect stems forms a shrubby bush. Its narrow, succulent leaves are dull-green with tiny, soft, white teeth along the margins, and it normally flowers from May, through to July.

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