How much should a 6 month old tabby cat weigh?


At 6 months or about 24 wks, your kitten should be around 4 lbs, give or take a pound. Your kitten will still grow and gain weight

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Purr Pals is a pet simulation game in which the player takes care of a kitten. It is Crave Entertainment's answer to Nintendo's Nintendogs and is sponsored by Purina.

At the beginning of the game, you select a kitten based on the amount of money you have (if you're starting out, you can only pay the adoption fee for one kitten and you're left with a little left over in order to buy the supplies (food, litter, toys) you'll need. You have a choice between 40 breeds of kittens, with the average adoption fee at $85.00 (more or less for "special" breeds):

Flat-chested kitten syndrome (FCKS), is a disorder in cats, wherein kittens develop a compression of the thorax (chest/ribcage) caused by lung collapse. In mild cases, the underside of the chest becomes flattened (hence the name of the condition); in extreme cases the entire thorax is flattened, looking as if the kitten has been stepped on. The kitten will appear to go from normal to flat in the space of about 2-3 hours, and will usually then stabilise.

FCKS is caused by collapsed lungs (and not as formerly believed, by a muscle spasm) and the medical term for this type of partial collapse is atelectasis. It is likely that all FCKS kittens are suffering from varying degrees of atelectasis, since even severe cases continue to breathe, so the lungs are not completely collapsed.

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