How much is an amtrak train ticket from Oakland, ca two los angeles, ca?


It will cost anywhere from 71 to 88 dollars depending on how many stops you want and which stations you want. AnswerParty for now!

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Primary rail transportation in the United States today consists of freight shipments. Passenger service, once a large and vital part of the nation's passenger transportation network, now plays a limited role as compared to transportation patterns in many other countries.

The U.S. rail industry has experienced repeated convulsions due to changing economic needs and the rise of automobile, bus, and air transport. Freight railroads play an important role in U.S. economy, especially for moving imports and exports using containers, and for shipments of coal and oil. According to the British news magazine The Economist, "They are universally recognised in the industry as the best in the world." Productivity rose 172% between 1981 and 2000, while rates rose 55% (after accounting for inflation). Rail's share of the American freight market rose to 43%, the highest for any rich country.

Transportation in the United States is facilitated by road, air, rail, and water networks(Boats). The vast majority of passenger travel occurs by automobile for shorter distances, and airplane or railroad for some people, for longer distances. In descending order, most cargoes travel by railroad, truck, pipeline, or boat; air shipping is typically used only for perishables and premium express shipments.


The OpenTravel Alliance is a non-profit organization which develops open data transmission specifications for the electronic exchange of business information for the travel industry, including but not limited to the use of XML.

Members of the OpenTravel Alliance include airlines, hotel companies, car rental companies, cruise lines, railways, global distribution systems, distribution companies, solutions providers, software developers and consultants.

Union Station

Oakland International Airport (IATA: OAK, ICAO: KOAK, FAA LID: OAK) (Metropolitan Oakland International Airport) is a public airport five miles south of downtown Oakland, in Alameda County, California, United States. It is owned by the Port of Oakland. It is one of three international airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, The airport has service to destinations in the United States, as well as Mexico, Europe and Cargo flights go to Asia and elsewhere.

Oakland is a focus city for Southwest Airlines and Allegiant Air. As of July 2013, Southwest has 108 daily departures on peak-travel days of the week. Alaska Airlines combined with sister-carrier Horizon Air is in distant 2nd with as many as 12 flights.

The Pacific Surfliner is a 350-mile (560 km) Amtrak regional train route serving communities on the coast of Southern California between San Diego and San Luis Obispo. It is part of the Amtrak California series of trains.

The service carried nearly 2.8 million passengers during fiscal year 2011, a 6.6% increase from FY2010. Total revenue during FY2011 was $55,317,127, an increase of 11.7% over FY2010. The Pacific Surfliner was Amtrak's third-busiest service, and the busiest outside the Northeast Corridor.

Burbank-Bob Hope Airport is an unstaffed Amtrak and Metrolink rail station at Bob Hope Airport in the city of Burbank, California. It is served by both Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner from San Luis Obispo to San Diego and Metrolink's Ventura County Line from Los Angeles Union Station to Montalvo. The ten Pacific Surfliner trains that serve the station daily and 29 Metrolink trains that serve the station each weekday connect arrivals from the airport to downtown Los Angeles' Union Station in about 30 minutes. The Coast Starlight from Seattle and Emeryville also stops here.

A free airport shuttle transports passengers to and from the terminal area during the airport's operating hours, although the station is a short walking distance from the terminals. Metrolink operates some trains as shuttles from the Bob Hope Airport station to Los Angeles Union Station with intermediate stops at the downtown Burbank and Glendale stations.

Los Angeles (Listeni/lɔːs ˈænələs/, /lɔːs ˈæŋɡələs/ or Listeni/lɒs ˈænəlz/, Spanish: Los Ángeles [los ˈaŋxeles] meaning The Angels), officially the City of Los Angeles, often known by its initials L.A., is the most populous city in the U.S. state of California and the second-most populous in the United States, after New York City, with a population at the 2010 United States Census of 3,792,621. It has an area of 469 square miles (1,215 km2), and is located in Southern California.

The city is the focal point of the larger Los Angeles–Long Beach–Santa Ana metropolitan statistical area and Greater Los Angeles Area region, which contain 13 million and over 18 million people in Combined statistical area respectively as of 2010, making it one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world and the second-largest in the United States. Los Angeles is also the seat of Los Angeles County, the most populated and one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the United States, while the entire Los Angeles area itself has been recognized as the most diverse of the nation's largest cities. The city's inhabitants are referred to as Angelenos.


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