How much is 20 dalawampung piso in america?


As of 7/16/10: Conversion Rate (Buy/Sell): USD/PHP = 0.0215 Results: 20 PHP = $0.43 USD

More Info:

$257 billion nominal(2012)

$2,614 (2012) (nominal 126th)

The peso (Filipino: piso; sign: ₱; code: PHP) is the currency of the Philippines. It is subdivided into 100 centavos (Filipino: sentimo, Visayan: sentabo). Before 1967 as a former colony of the United States, the language used on the banknotes and coins was in English, and so the word "peso" was used. Since the adaption of Filipino language for banknotes and coins, the Filipino term "piso" is now used on Philippine money.

The peso is usually denoted by the symbol "₱". Other ways of writing the Philippine peso sign are "PHP", "PhP", "Php", or just "P". The "₱" symbol was added to the Unicode standard in version 3.2 and is assigned U+20B1 (). The symbol can be accessed through some word processors by typing in "20b1" and then pressing the Alt and X buttons simultaneously. Font support for the Unicode Peso sign has been around for some time as the peso is also the currency used by Mexico and other former colonies of Spain in Latin America, which still use the currency.


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