How much does a box of 12 Hot Pockets cost?


Depending on where you live, the price will vary. You can get a big box of Hot Pockets or Pizza Pockets at any Costco or Sams store, for around $9.95. They sell them at Food 4 Less for about $10 a 12-pack.

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Food 4 Less is a national warehouse store grocery chain, currently owned by Kroger. It is a no-frills grocery store where the customers bag their own groceries at the checkout. Kroger operates Food 4 Less stores in California, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska and Nevada. In markets that Kroger does not have the rights to the Food 4 Less name, it operates as Foods Company

There are other stores scattered throughout the United States with the Food 4 Less name, part of franchise agreements with various wholesalers, including Unified Western Grocers and Associated Wholesale Grocers Midwest. These stores have particular penetration in Oregon and central and northern California. The Food 4 Less name was previously used by Fleming Companies, Inc., but as Fleming exited various regions and ultimately collapsed, the rights to the name went to wholesalers who picked up some of Fleming's former customers.

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Hot Pockets are microwaveable turnovers generally containing one or more types of cheese, meat, or vegetables. Hot Pockets were founded by the Chef America Inc. company. Since 2002 they have been produced by Nestlé.

There are more than 20 varieties of the traditional Hot Pocket, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner varieties. Nestlé also offers Lean Pockets, Hot Pockets Croissant Crust (formerly called Croissant Pockets), hot Pie Express, Hot Pocket Pizza Minis (originally called Hot Pockets Pizza Snacks), Hot Pockets Subs, Hot Pockets Calzones, Hot Pockets Panini, Hot Pockets Sideshots, and Hot Pockets Breakfast items which include the meat, egg and cheese varieties, and fruit pastries.

Pizza Pockets are a calzone-type snack produced by McCain Foods Limited. Like other foods of this type, they are sold cooked but frozen. They can be reheated in a microwave oven, but they may also be cooked in a regular oven.

In Canada, Pizza Pockets are available in "Deluxe", "Pepperoni", "Three Cheese", "Pepperoni & Bacon", "Deli Lovers" and "3X Pepperoni". The most common packaging sizes consist of 4 packs and 12 packs. In Australia "Ham and Pineapple", "Cheese and Bacon", "Meatlovers" and "Supreme" varieties are available. The "3x Pepperoni" consists of mild, medium and hot varieties of Pepperoni. Besides the meat and cheese the Pockets contain a pizza sauce. For a short time in the 1990s a variation of Pizza Pockets existed called Super Pockets, these were essentially sandwich ingredients inside the pocket such as "Ham and Cheese", "Western Omelette" and others.

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A big-box store (also supercenter, superstore, or megastore) is a physically large retail establishment, usually part of a chain. The term sometimes also refers, by extension, to the company that operates the store. The store may sell general dry goods in which case it is a department store, or may be limited to a particular specialty (such establishments are often called "category killers") or may also sell groceries, in which case some countries use the term hypermarket.

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Pizza Hospitality Recreation

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